Garden Party


by Mack Williams
23 May 2014

I. 911 Is A Joke

Finally Wolfeboro, NH police commissioner Robert Copeland – the police commissioner that referred to President Obama as the “N-Word” – has resigned…under duress, I’m sure, as he resisted resignation for days.

However, as a result of the outrage from the good people of Wolfeboro, including homeowner Gov. Mitt Romney, he was forced to step down. He will not be missed.

II. Timing Is Everything

Good thing Jay Z decided to take Roc Nation into the player representation business when he did, one reason being that he was able to make a big splash with an extremely high-profile signee, Robinson Cano.

Another reason is that going into player representation meant that he had to sell his ownership share in the Brooklyn Nets. Given what has happened with Donald Sterling, Jay might have had to get fined or worse for releasing “N___as in Paris” with the soon-to-be-married in Paris Kanye West.

III. If Only I Could Shoot Like Him

In this blog last week I spoke of how the efficient Spurs offense made me think of how Princeton University’s team would look with star-quality talent. Then last night Reggie Miller drew an analogy between the Spurs and Princeton.

Two hours before last night’s Spurs-Thunder game, I told my son – who did not see game 1 – that if Serge Ibaka’s agent needed any ammunition in order to get Serge a bigger contract, he had it now. Then during the game Reggie spoke of how Ibaka’s absence showed he deserved a big raise. If only I could shoot like Reggie!

One area of disagreement: Reggie spoke several times of how the Spurs went up 2-0 on OKC two years ago, only to lose the next four games. Good point…and OKC does have that guy KD-MVP and Russell Westbrook…but here are two reasons why I doubt that will occur this year:

1) James Harden is on the Rockets.
2) Serge Ibaka is in street clothes.

IV. Stone Cold Steve

Just when the media folks and, presumably, Phil Jackson were just about to call realtors on behalf of Steve Kerr, he goes and takes the Golden State Warriors job (which, of course, never should have been open anyway).  I figure the Splash Brothers may have had something to do with the decision in addition to family considerations.

In retrospect, perhaps we should have known something before since Steve hadn’t moved on the job that everyone knew he was offered for a month.

V. Young Fellas

Last year we in the basketball world thought that we were witnessing the evolution – especially after that flying dunk on LeBron – of a star in Paul George. A great moment was when James subsequently hit a third-quarter ending three-pointer, and after which told George, “I got you back, young fella” – and they slapped five.

This year’s version is Lance Stevenson – and the Pacers’ trip to the Finals may be more due to him than George.

VI. Another One

If you turn the channel from the Pacers’ game to that of the Dodgers, you may hear some of the same knocks on Lance Stevenson applied to Yasiel Puig. Puig is hitting .333, by the way. So much for the “sophomore slump.”

VII. For The New Yorkers

Why is it that Not In Service seems to be the most prevalent bus line in the city…along with Next Bus Please?


The People’s Book

by Mack Williams
12 May 2014

I. Finally…

In my best The Rock voice, Finally…the new memoir by my mother, Winnie Williams….WWII Diary…is available for Kindle (as well as paperback). Only $2.99 on Kindle!

II. Two and a Half Man

I once heard a minister say that one might be in the position but it took up to seven years for a minister to be really recognized as the pastor, the leader by the congregation.

In the NBA case of Adam Silver, it took but two and a half months (with a big assist from Donald Sterling).

III. What Would FOX Say?

Unemployment is up over the last few weeks…therefore it must be Obama’s fault.

Maybe not…since we’re referring to coaches Mike Woodson, Mike Brown, and Mark Jackson. Okay, we’ll leave Woodson out, since the worst-kept secret in the world was that he wanted to bring Steve Kerr in to coach the Knicks. But was it Brown’s fault that he can only get 33 wins out of the Cavaliers? Do they really think they had a playoff-caliber team now? Kyrie Irving is a great young player, but they aren’t ready yet, even in the weaker Eastern Conference.

But in the case of Mark Jackson, what is the deal? Really, Warriors? After Mark Jackson led the Warriors best two years since forever, his reward was a pink slip? Makes no sense.

IV. San Antonio Tigers

If you’ve never seen the Princeton University basketball team play, try to catch them next season to see a team, lacking in talent in comparison to the big time Division I programs, still being able to compete nonetheless through execution and team play.

Watching the Spurs slice up the Trail Blazers, I’m thinking that this is what Princeton would look like if they got the Duncans, Leonards, and Jabari Parkers.

V. Tip Your Hat

Was it fitting that, on the day when Adam Silver spoke on the Sterling situation and the nation’s attention – for a day, at least – was focused on racial attitudes, Wayne Simmonds (a Black player on the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers) had a hat trick (scored 3 goals) to keep the Flyers alive?

VI. America’s Team

Thanks again to Donald Sterling, the LA Clippers had become somewhat of America’s Team, a sentimental favorite to win the championship….but then came Kevin Durant’s MVP acceptance speech which wowed Madison Avenue and brought some sentiment back to them in their heated playoff battle. All in all, the tremendous competition in the playoffs so far has help shift some of the focus away from the off-court issues, which is a good thing, at least short-term.

VII. The Heat Is Not On

The championship trophy is not returning to Miami this year. You read it here first. Not to be a hater, but I’m just saying.