Reasons Romney/Ryan Routed

by Mack Williams
20 November 2012

Why did Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lose on November 6th? Well, according to them, it was basically because too many of those gullible minorities voted.  If only White people had voted…like in the good old days…they would have won.  That being said, here are seven other reasons they got their butts whipped, which they can then share the next times they are asked about the outcome of this election:

I.   Cars

For the son of an automobile executive, the subject of cars did not work well for Romney.  In 2008 his infamous New York Times op-ed was entitled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” – and although he claimed it was the headline writer who was at fault, it came back to haunt him throughout the campaign and probably contributed to keeping him from being able to contest his original home state of Michigan.

He also described how his wife, Ann, drove a couple of Cadillacs.  Nothing wrong with Cadillacs…but when people are hurting, and you use as an example of how you are “down with the common man” the symbol of luxury cars, it’s not such a great look.  And then there’s the piece with the car elevator…

II.   Osama

Osama bin Laden is dead  – and GM is alive. Period.

III.   Crazy Republicans, Etch-A-Sketch and Candy

For those who are fans of comedy, it was unfortunate that the crazy Republican primary season had to come to an end.  Romney’s problem – along with offering to bet Rick Perry $10,000 on the spot on national TV, once again showing himself to be in a totally different economic class than the average American…and flaunting it, to boot – was that he chose to try to out-conservative just about everyone in the field, thinking (as voiced by his aide Eric Fehrnstrom) that he would be able to etch-a-sketch everything away in the general election.  However, it left him with or magnified his credibility problem.  Then when he was fact-checked by Candy Crowley in the second debate, it showed him as being less than sturdy with facts as well.

IV.   Bill, Joe, Jay-Z and the Boss

As spokespeople, President Obama had President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Joe Biden, who laid truth out in a way that Obama could not in some cases.  Among his heavyweight entertainer endorsers were Sarah Jessica Parker, Jay-Z, and the Boss, Bruce Springsteen…while Romney had a bunch of people at his convention that barely wanted to mention his name…along with Clint Eastwood.

V.   Voter Suppression

When you tell someone that they cannot, or better not, do something, you will have in many cases motivated them to do just that.  That said, I get the concept by the Republicans of trying to use voter ID and other potentially suppressive measures to depress the African-American and Latino and youth vote, which they correctly anticipated was not going their way.

“Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania: done,” said PA House majority leader Mike Turzai back in June.  Of course, they didn’t realize that these measures only served to motivate people to get to the polls that much more.  Don’t get me wrong; African-Americans have not been pleased when various Republicans dissed Obama on a regular basis, when Mitt Romney joked about how he is not asked for his birth certificate, when Donald Trump asked to see this or that.  But when the voter suppression stuff came to light, it took the dissatisfaction to another level.

VI.   Hurricane Sandy & Chris Christie

Republicans so disingenuously talk about how Obama failed to work in a bipartisan manner…when it was the Republican leadership that created the strategy of not working with him in order to be able to describe him as ineffective in 2012.  As Keith Olbermann said, if the President extended his hand any further towards the Republicans, it would fall off.

But then came Hurricane Sandy, and everyone saw the President working with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who then glowingly praised the President for his efforts.  So much for not being able to work with Republicans.

VII.  47%

It can easily be argued that the worst thing that happened to Mitt Romney was the release of the 47% video, which showed Romney – who refused to release more than two years of tax returns while maintaining investments in the Cayman Islands and Swiss banks – speaking disdainfully to big-money donors of this so-called forty-seven percent of the country which does not pay taxes and cannot be convinced to take personal responsibility for their lives.

Upon its’ release, both Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan basically doubled down on it, essentially saying that it wasn’t “elegantly” stated or phrased well, but that the sentiments were correct.  It was only when their polling apparently showed it having hurt Romney did he go onto Sean Hannity’s show to say that the statement was wrong.

But now that the election is over, they have returned to their roots.  Ryan said that they hadn’t anticipated the turnout seen in “urban” areas, while Romney – again speaking to his donors – blamed his loss on the “gifts” Obama gave to segments of his coalition such as African-Americans, Hispanics, and the young.  Obviously Romney believed that 47% comment…and many of the voters believed he believed it as well, as they pulled the lever for President Obama.


Decision 2012 – By The Numbers

by Mack Williams
4 November 2012

On Tuesday night, like most everyone else, you’ll be watching the election returns, snacking on chicken wings or whatever, and drinking your beverage of choice – but you may find yourself overwhelmed by all of the information being fed, especially if you are switching channels and getting different analysis.  Not to fear – here is The SEVEN’s guide to Obama vs. Romney, by the numbers:

I.   270

270 is the number of electoral votes the winning candidate will need, a majority of the total number of electoral votes, 538.  In 2008 Barack Obama won with 365 electoral votes, a figure he will probably not duplicate this year due to the fact that he won some traditionally “red” states in 2008 that may return to their usual ways.

II.   1992

In 1992 President George H.W. Bush lost to his challenger, Bill Clinton, and it was the last time that an incumbent has lost.  The previous time that that happened was in 1980, when President Jimmy Carter lost a three-way race to Ronald Reagan (with John Anderson as the third-party candidate)…and prior to that it last happened in 1932 (when FDR defeated President Herbert Hoover).

III.   1996

I don’t know just how scientific this is, but during this millennium, when a National League team has won the World Series, a Democrat wins the White House – and when a Republican wins the White House, an American League team has won the World Series.  For instance, the National League’s Philadelphia Phillies won the 2008 Series, and Barack Obama won the presidency.  In 2004 President George W. Bush won re-election, and the American League’s Boston Red Sox won the Series.  The closely-contested 2000 election saw Bush come out on top, while the American League’s New York Yankees won the World Series.  The last time this pattern did not hold true was in 1996, when President Bill Clinton won re-election over Bob Dole, but the Yankees won the Series.

This year, for those of you that are not baseball fans, the San Francisco Giants (of the National League) beat the Detroit Tigers, four games to none.

IV.  4

Four is the number of states – as far as we know – that Mitt Romney has a home in or has lived in for a considerable amount of time.  Those states are Massachusetts, New Hampshire (where he has a vacation home), Michigan (where he was born and no one ever asked him for his birth certificate), and California (where he has a home).  As per the current polling, Gov. Romney stands to lose them all.

V.   85.1, 98.2, & 47

85.1 and 98.2 are the current probability percentages of an Obama win, as per the New York Times mathematical polling guru Nate Silver and the Princeton Election Consortium.  47 is the percentage of people that Gov. Romney said pay no taxes and cannot be convinced to take personal responsibility and care for their lives, a statement which may very well be a contributing factor in those other percentages being as high as they are.

VI.   174

If, somewhere around 9:00-9:30 p.m. Eastern time, the commentators have projected President Obama with 174 electoral votes – and you have to be up really early Wednesday morning – go on to bed.  Chances are the president will have another 98 electoral votes coming in from the western states whose polls will not have closed by then, which would give him 272 and the win.

VII.  5

To be specific regarding the “swing states” and the 174 point…let’s just say that Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Colorado have not been determined yet.  If President Obama wins one of the above states – all of which he leads in or is even with Governor Romney – he will return to the White House.

Enjoy the night and be sure to vote!

Sports Quiz, or History, Pt. 1

3 November 2012

I know you guys need a break from all of the political commercials and chatter…well, I don’t, but a lot of people do.  So with that in mind, here’s a little African-American Sports Quiz for you.  Give yourself three 3-pointers and a free throw (10 points) for each you get right, but take away a basket (2 points) for each of them that you brick!  

1. Who was the first Black player to take the ice in the National Hockey League?

a) Willie O’Ree 
b) Willie McCovey 
c) Bobby Orr 
d) Grant Fuhr 
e) Willy Wonka

2. Who was the ’60’s Denver Broncos quarterback that was quickly moved—as was the custom with African-Americans of that era—to wide receiver, where he then enjoyed a fine career?

a) Floyd Little 
b) John Elway 
c) Ralph Simpson 
d) Marlin Briscoe 
e) Warren Wells

3. Which individual has never held the World Heavyweight Championship, in one organizational alphabet soup form or another, during his boxing career?

a) Jimmy Ellis 
b) Rocky Johnson
c) Cassius Clay 
d) Smokin’ Joe Frazier
e) Floyd Patterson

4. What NBA player holds the record for the second-highest scoring game of all time (behind Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points)?

a) George Gervin 
b) Bernard King 
c) David Thompson 
d) Elgin Baylor 
e) Michael Jordan
f) Kobe Bryant

5. What playground superstar pinned Wilt Chamberlain’s fadeaway jumper on the backboard at Harlem’s Rucker Tournament?

a) Jackie Jackson 
b) Herman “Helicopter” Knowings
c) Joe Hammond 
d) Earl “The Pearl” Monroe 
e) Earl Manigault

6. Which individual was a cycling champion?

a) Kadeem Hardison 
b) Smokey Robinson
c) Jersey Joe Walcott 
d) Bob Hayes 
e) Major Taylor

7. What Negro League legend is the only person to hit a fair ball out of Yankee Stadium?

a) Satchel Paige
b) Monte Irvin 
c) Ray Dandridge 
d) Cool Papa Bell 
e) Josh Gibson

8. Who holds the Major League Baseball single-season stolen base record?

a) Maury Wills 
b) Rickey Henderson 
c) Lou Brock
d) Vince Coleman
e) Tim Raines

9. Whose challenge of baseball’s “reserve clause” ultimately led to the creation of true free agency and market-driven salaries?

a) Hank Aaron 
b) Dick Allen 
c) Curt Flood
d) Vada Pinson 
e) Roy Camapanella

10. Who won Olympic gold in 1972?

a) Ray Seales 
b) Ray Leonard
c) Ray Williams
d) Ray Robinson 
e) Ray J

11. For which team did Julius “Dr. J.” Erving not play?

a) New York Nets 
b) Virginia Squires
c) Atlanta Hawks
d) Philadelphia 76ers 
e) He played for them all

12. The quarterback who dueled for the Steelers’ starting job with Terry Bradshaw was “Jefferson Street”_________

a) Joe Namath 
b) James Harris
c) Doug Williams
d) Joe Gilliam 
e) Warren Moon

13. Who was the first Black hoopster at Duke University?

a) Johnny Dawkins 
b) Ralph Sampson
c) Gene Banks 
d) Phil Ford 
e) Cedric Maxwell

14. Who did staunch non-integrationist Adolph Rupp acknowledge as the greatest player he’d ever seen?

a) Oscar Robertson
b) Julius Erving 
c) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
d) Michael Jordan 
e) Walt Frazier



1. a
2. d
3. b (Rocky Johnson was a wrestler and father of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.)
4. f (when this first appeared on, the answer was c)
5. a 
6. e 
7. e 
8. b 
9. c 
10. a 
11. e 
12. d 
13. c 
14. b

90 and above—You’re on point! 
Under 90—Try again next time…