All The Marbles

by Mack Williams
2 November 2016


I. Nowhere To Re-Gift

Thanks, Republicans, for the horrible gifts you have given us as we approach the holiday season, gifts we can’t – or wouldn’t – even pass on to some unsuspecting recipient.

Thank you, Republican primary voters, for nominating this train wreck of a candidate. And thank you, Republican senators, for continuing your disrespect of the President by insisting that an election year mandates that the Supreme Court vacancy should remain in place – for a year or more – until the new President takes office. Should Trump actually win and become president, you will soon be wishing for Obama.

II. Endorsements Matter

After being rejected by conservative newspaper editorial boards around the country, some of which have not endorsed a Democratic presidential candidate in over a century, Donald Trump finally got a major endorsement – from the newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan.


If you happen to have that friend or family member that remains unsure about who they will vote for, see if this helps their decision making process.

III. The Other Football

On two consecutive weeks NFL games have been played in London, a place where I’m sure they would love to expand the league to. I’m just not so sure, as a result of conversations with local folks, that they would care all that much.


Fans that would care about a franchise move are the ones in Oakland, who already lost the Raiders once and are rumored to possibly have that happen again with the team’s talked-of move to Las Vegas. I would so love for the Raiders – with a 6-2 record halfway through – to win the Super Bowl, which would pressure the league to think twice about moving the franchise. Then again, when you think about St. Louis, which has now lost two different NFL franchises, there’s no guarantee.

IV. Big Boy Save

Aroldis Chapman’s 8-out save in Game 5 of the World Series was really an example of wearing the big boy pants, at least in today’s game. Back in the day such a save was by no means unheard of by relievers like Goose Gossage and Tug McGraw. And – believe it or not – sometimes the reliever wouldn’t even be needed; I was at a Mets-Cardinals game where the starting pitchers were Tom Seaver and Bob Gibson. You would have needed a crowbar or a rifle to get either of those Hall of Famers out of the game.

V. No Hits


If only guys would stop this horrible behavior. We’ve all probably worked with and for people we would have loved to knock out or deliver the Rock Bottom to, but we don’t. Why then at home?


Fortunately for Jeurys Familia, memories are short when it comes to athletes…Aroldis Chapman was in the same boat a year ago.

VI. Who Should Win

One way or another, a really long drought will come to an end tonight. Either the Chicago Cubs will win their first World Series since 1908, or the Cleveland Indians will win their first since 1948. Much as I would love to see Steve Bartman off the hook

as well as my general rooting for the National League team, a case can be made that Cleveland ought to win. Except for Chicago fans that only like the Cubs, they have had plenty of championship parades since the eighties in the Windy City. The Super Bowl Shuffle Bears won in 1986, the Bulls won the 1990’s in the NBA, the White Sox won the Series in 2005, and the Black Hawks have won the Stanley Cup three times in the past seven years.

But Cleveland has only enjoyed such euphoria once since 1964, when the Cleveland Browns won the NFL championship. I would say the Indians deserve a win for their city more…but then there’s that name, which undoubtedly irritates some Native Americans as much as the name of the NFL’s Washington franchise.

VII. So…


So go Cubs!