The Bourn Effect

9 February 2013

I.   Going To Disney World

If it was the power outage that produced a game like that, maybe they should turn the lights out at every Super Bowl.  Great game…had us on the edge of our seats…and afterwards, we more or less expect that the winning quarterback will get the Disney World commercial and trip, which is what happened.

Nothing against Joe Flacco, but given the effect that Jacoby Jones had out there – especially since it could be argued that his 108-yard kick return to open the second half was the difference in the game – shouldn’t they have gone together?

II.  The Bourn Effect

For quite a while, during these months leading up to the 2013 baseball season, the roster of the New York Mets has looked like one of a New York team in, say, 1948.

That other New York team, that is.  The one that was among the last to integrate.

With the departure of free-agent Scott Hairston, the only African-American on the Mets 40-man roster was pitcher Robert Carson…and he was listed as wearing uniform number 73…which might lead some to believe that unless he loves that particular number like Dennis Rodman liked number 91, there’s no guarantee of him heading to Citi Field in April.  So perhaps the Met brass began to sense some people’s misgivings when they signed Corey Patterson, Mike Wilson, Marlon Byrd, and LaTroy Hawkins, all of whom could wind up helping the team…and all of whom were signed on the cheap.  The effect of the Bernie Madoff scandal is still hovering over the team.

With that said, here’s my suggestion in that regard:  take a chance, open the checkbook, and sign Michael Bourn. He’s a 30-year-old center fielder who has led the NL in stolen bases in three of the last four years.  He would be the anchor in the outfield and would return some of the excitement and effectiveness to the top of the order that left when Jose Reyes left a year ago.  Sandy A., give the man what he wants and begin the team’s resurgence.

III.  Man In The Middle

Big shout out to the New York Knicks’ Tyson Chandler, named to the Eastern Conference all-star team.  Big shout out to him for becoming the first Knick to grab 20 rebounds in three consecutive games since Willis Reed!  And…a little shout out to the free newspaper AM-NY, and its “big brother” Newsday from Long Island…who initially said Reed had done that back when the Knicks won their last championship in 1970.  Glad you guys corrected yourselves.

Of course I know that the New York Nets, then in the ABA in Long Island with a youthful Dr. J., were the best team in New York from 1973-74 to 1975-76 – but the Knicks did win the NBA Championship in the 1972-73 season.  

IV.   Who Knew…

…that when super point guard Rajon Rondo went down for the rest of the season with a torn ACL, his style of play would be adopted by Kobe Bryant?

At least for a while…

V.   A-Rod

I certainly hope he is innocent of the current allegations…but if he isn’t and we have seen the last of him, as some in the media are speculating, I will long remember that beautiful swing, all of which was not produced by PEDs.  If that were the case, a whole bunch of guys in the WWE would be in MLB.  And as for his Hall of Fame chances, I’ll take him over a bunch of the racists that were in from the old days.

VI.   Not Again…

So it seems that the Republicans are back to trying to rig the ballot in anticipation of the 2016 election.  I guess they have done the demographic math and realized that the current iteration of the Republican party will have an almost impossible task in getting to 270 electoral votes, so now they want to change the rules governing the distribution of electoral votes in swing states.

Really, Republicans?  Don’t you remember just last year when you tried that Voter ID stuff, and it backfired in your faces?  The minorities you didn’t want to vote were incensed and came out in such big numbers…and now, just months later, you want to try something like that again?

VII.  This Week In Guns

15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton was funeralized today in Chicago, 3-year-old Temorej Smith of Greenville, SC killed himself with a gun he thought was a toy, 24-year-old Boston Red Sox prospect Bryce Brentz accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun, and Christopher Dorner is still at large.

How many people must be shot before gun-control legislation is passed?