I’m With Her…almost

by Mack Williams
1 August 2016


Okay, I can’t say I expect any of these high-profile Republicans to bounce into the I’m With Her club, but they all should definitely renounce the candidacy and rescind any endorsement, if applicable, of Donald Trump:


I. Tim Scott

The only African-American Republican to sit in the Senate since Edward Brooke, Scott is a South Carolina conservative – but has indicated his first-hand knowledge of racial profiling. ┬áHe knows the deal.

II. Susan Collins

Not only does Susan have a conscience, she is up for reelection in the blue state of Maine, where she should want the potential albatross of Trump’s words hanging around her neck.

III. John Kasich


We know Ohio governor John Kasich knows that Trump is a seriously flawed candidate, as evidenced by the fact that as governor of the state in which the Republican Convention was held, Kasich stayed as far away from the Trump coronation as possible. Kasich has to date refused to endorse Trump, but why not just go on and state just how unworthy he is for the job?

IV. Marco Rubio

There are probably a number of Republicans that are waiting for a Trump defeat so that they can position themselves for a presidential run in 2020. Rubio may be one of that group – but I would submit that perhaps the best way to do so is not to just bite the party bullet but instead to stand up for principles. Especially when you’ve been called “Little Marco.”

V. John McCain

Senator, your granddaughter has already endorsed Hillary. Trump implied you weren’t a hero because you were captured. And you have a sense of what is right, as shown when you shut down the crazy lady that started to go off on Obama at your rally in 2008.


Pull back your endorsement.

VI. Chris Christie

One day the absentee governor of New Jersey was bashing Donald Trump, and then two or three weeks later he’s Trump’s main corner man, only to be dissed on the campaign trail about his absence and weight, and ultimately passed over for the VP nod in favor of the safe Mike Pence. Christie could begin a better last year and a half as governor by dissing Trump.

VII. Paul Ryan


I want to believe the Speaker of the House has our best interests at heart. We keep hearing him rebuke Trump and distance himself and, as much as possible, the party from Trump’s statements and tweets, but he has refused to pull the plug on his endorsement. Why?