Win Or Go Home

22 May 2013

I.   Prayers All The Way Around

In the midst of what is always a light-hearted look at current events and the world of sports, we would be remiss if we did not join with virtually everyone in sending our best wishes and prayers on behalf of those affected by the tornado in Oklahoma.  Shout out to superstar Kevin Durant – who will someday fulfill my prediction that he will be the number one player in the NBA – who has pledged one million dollars towards the recovery efforts.  Hopefully KD35 will not be the last.

But hopefully we will soon be hearing the last public remarks from Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, a medical doctor known as Dr. No for voting and stymying bills he does not like.  Now Dr. No has stated he would not support any bill for the OK recovery – for his own constituents, no less – that did not match the monies to be sent with cuts elsewhere.

How about your salary?

II.   Once Again

Just recently a three-year-old fatally shot himself, and an 8-year-old shot a 5-year-old.  Really, Republicans?  You really can’t support legislation strengthening regulations on gun purchases?

III.   Trail Mix

In South Carolina, former Governor Mark Sanford has gone from the Appalachian Trail (which is, of course, where he was supposed to be hiking while governor when in fact he had flown to Argentina to see his mistress) to the House of Representatives.  Sanford defeated the sister of Stephen Colbert, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, in a special election this month. 

Really, Republicans?  I so thought you guys were into these “family values” – I mean, that’s what you say – and then you elect him?  You wanted to tar and feather President Obama for simply saying that CA Attorney General Kamala Harris was attractive, yet you elect Sanford?

IV.   Jason Collins

Shout out to Jason Collins…for it took big time courage to reveal what he did…but with that said, I’ve got to believe Jason has, at the very least, extended his proverbial fifteen minutes of fame far beyond where his career averages of less than four points and four rebounds per game would have taken him. A career role player, Jason now goes down in history. 

Unfortunately, we will never know – unless Jason shows up on a roster next year – if his coming out has any effect on his NBA employment. After 11 seasons at 3.6 points per game, there’s no guarantee he would have been picked up next year anyway, given that he’s in his mid-thirties.  It will be interesting to see the reaction if and when a real star comes out.

V.   Net Result

I can’t remember when any team in any sport has managed to jerk two coaches in the same season the way the Brooklyn Nets did with Avery Johnson (coach of the year in November, fired before New Year’s) and P.J. Carlesimo (led them to a 35-19 record and the playoffs, fired the day after the playoffs).

VI.   The Heat Is On or Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Two great matchups in the conference finals…awesome first game in the Miami-Indiana series!  And if I were Indiana coach Frank Vogel, I would be really hoping they don’t lose in seven games – for then his decision to leave shot-blocker Roy Hibbert off the floor during the final 2.2 seconds.  Of course, the main problem was that Paul George over-committed on the pass, leaving LeBron James with a lane to drive to the basket.  Had George not over-committed like that, James would have probably not trusted his time in terms of a drive to the hoop, and would have pulled up with a jumper.  You can live with that.

On a night where Paul George was, at the very least, the equal of LeBron, the Heat have to be thanking their lucky stars they picked up Chris “Birdman” Anderson.

Memo to both of these teams…the San Antonio Spurs are serious.

VII.   Meet The Mets

I’ve seen the 1984-85 Dwight Gooden years, the greatest pitching stretch I’ve had the privilege to experience.  The great thing about that is that the Mets were fun and competitive back then, as opposed to the level of irrelevance they have exhibited of late. 

Nonetheless, I’ll have to recommend that you join me in taking an NBA Playoff break to see the new Met pitching phenom, Matt Harvey, take on the Bronx Bombers on Tuesday night.