#Brown Lions Matter


by Mack Williams
1 August 2015

I. Brown Lions Matter

A young woman approached me yesterday and asked if she could ask me a question. Assuming it was going to be for subway or other directions – the type question strangers ask me on an almost daily basis – I said yes, and she went on to surprise me by asking if I would feel safer as a lion in Africa or as a Black man in America.

The short answer is that you might get shot either way. Certainly I understand all of the outrage expressed over the senseless killing of Cecil the lion. I too hope that the Minnesota dentist responsible for his death pays the appropriate penalty for his actions. I just wish there had been the same kind of outrage over Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, and so many others, as opposed to the all-too-common “why didn’t he…why did she…he should have,” etc.

II. Trust Your Talent

For an example of how to trust your own talent, the New York Mets’ Jenrry Mejia – who incredibly got himself suspended again for 162 games (until this time next season) on the heels of being suspended until July of this year for Performance Enhancing Drug usage – only has to look across to the Bronx, where Alex Rodriguez is having an outstanding comeback season at the age of 40. A-Rod’s success makes one wonder why he ever went down the PED road at all.

III. Here’s A Story Of A Man Named Brady

Tom Brady said he didn’t participate in deflation of the footballs, while the NFL says he did, and suspended him for four games. That said, that four-game suspension will probably not keep the Patriots from making the playoffs; if there were real concrete proof that he had done this to gain competitive advantage, they’d suspend him for eight or ten games.

But here’s the thing no one is talking about: both teams played with the same balls. Any advantage allegedly accruing to Brady would have been in place for the other team as well when they had the ball.

IV. Whatcha Gonna Do…?

Instead of scrubbing Hulk Hogan’s name off the website as a result of his N-word rant (as well as other revelations that he may have used that term in describing Dwayne Johnson), WWE should let him in the ring with the Rock at the next Wrestlemania and see how he defends his words in there. In a real fight.

V. Let’s Go Donald

As I’ve stated before, the fact that The Donald remains at the top of the polls illustrates the problem Republicans will have in winning the presidency from this point on in what is becoming an increasingly “Minority” electorate. Plus his presence helps Democrats, or at least may wind up helping; since Trump is not a serious politician (as evidenced by his endorsement by Dennis Rodman), his presence in next week’s debate will keep one more serious candidate out. That debate platform may be what that candidate needs to break out from the pack and establish themselves, but that opportunity will be kept from them.

VI. You’re Joshing…?

So Josh Smith said he and his family are going to have a hard time
making it happen on $6.9 million. He probably should have thought about that before he took the Los Angeles Clippers offer, which was lower than what he would have gotten from the Houston Rockets.

I wonder how many of his classmates are trying to make it on $69,000 or less, by the way.

VII. Help

My former colleague Tiffany is having a real problem with an ex, which is detailed in the following link. If you are so inclined, take whatever action you see fit.