Beat It

by Mack Williams
9 October 2017

I. Showtime

If this presidency were an episode of Showtime at the Apollo, Sandman would have hooked a heckled Donald Trump – he of the 32% approval rating – off the stage a long time ago.

II. Audience Reaction

It has been said – or at least used to be said – that when you write a letter to a network, the network execs are aware that there are another thousand people that feel the same way but didn’t take the time to write and mail a letter. As such, they don’t look at your sentiments as those felt by one person, but by a sizable group of people.

So when Sen. Bob Corker refers to the White House as an “adult day care center,” one has to wonder how many other Republicans feel the same way. Furthermore, what are those others waiting for before they will speak up?

And speaking of waiting, why did it take Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to tell us that the president is smart? Has he only shown that quality to Rex? What is he waiting for to show the rest of us?

III. Charlottesville Pt. 2

The unwelcome tiki torch carriers were back in Charlottesville this past weekend. Anybody see any early morning tweets about that?

IV. Oh, Shoot

Having only lived in the northeast, it was a little shocking, while visiting another state, to find myself in the fast food line with this man who was obviously not wearing a blue nor a green fatigues uniform.

V. At The Risk…

…of seeming foolish tonight given that they are one loss away from winter vacation, I have to insist that the Yankees have one of the most dangerous teams in the MLB playoffs. Don’t fall behind against them with that bullpen.

VI. The King of Pop

You think anyone ever noticed that when a Michael Jackson song comes on, whenever and wherever you happen to be, you’re immediately ready to sing and dance? Oh yeah…silly question.

VII. Don’t Get Attached

If you’re a Laker fan, my advice might be to refrain from getting too attached to Brandon Ingram. The young partner to watch alongside Lonzo Ball is Kyle Kuzma.

NBA Predictions later in the week.