by Mack Williams
13 January 2015

I. Arrested Development

If I were Bill Bratton, Patrick Lynch, or anyone in and around the NYPD, I would really hope that it could be proven that New York was definitively less safe during the NYPD’s “unofficial” slowdown, undertaken as a result of the very public feud between Mr. Lynch and Mayor Bill de Blasio. Because if it wasn’t, then perhaps what is broken is the “broken windows” mode of policing. Perhaps they owe de Blasio an apology for castigating him for revealing that he said to his son what many of us have said to ours. The bullet won’t know Dante is the mayor’s son.

II. So Sue Me

If the fact that a juror is suing Ferguson prosecutor Bob McDonnell for misconduct doesn’t tell you that something was wrong out there, I don’t know what will.

III. Fly Away

If you’re a Detroit Lions fan that feels your team got jerked by the officials, or a Dallas Cowboys fan that now feels the same way, or a Denver Broncos fan waiting for the Broncos to perform in the playoffs like they do in the regular season, or Chris Christie (who has upset the legions of New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles fans in his state, a state he wouldn’t carry against Hillary, anyway), take heart – all is not lost. Lenny Kravitz will be playing at halftime of the Super Bowl.

IV. Let The Church Say Amen

If the time around the holidays is a joyous one for many – which it clearly is – it is also a tremendously sad time of the year for those who have lost loved ones. Condolences go out to the family and friends of two legends that showed their audiences a different way of looking at things, gospel great Andrae Crouch and broadcaster Stuart Scott.

I will always remember Scott describing a great play featuring former NBA star Gary Payton with the phrase “GP, are you with me,” Kirk Franklin’s line from “Stomp,” one of numerous times he brought an African-American flair to his mainstream network that was largely reporting on the exploits of African-Americans. Crouch’s compositions and recordings – from songs like “I’ll Be Thinking of You,” which featured an harmonica solo by Stevie Wonder, to the recent “Let The Church Say Amen” – put a fresh spin on gospel music that attracted many who would not be likely to be seen in houses of worship. Both men – “cooler than the other side of the pillow” – will be missed.

V. Colder Than July

With the New York Knicks about to head to London at 5-35, if we could go back in time to last summer, would:

Phil Jackson take the Knicks GM job? (Maybe he would; there were supposedly 12 million good reasons to do so.)

Derek Fisher take the Knick coaching job, as opposed to playing one more season with the Thunder?

Carmelo Anthony stay in NYC, as opposed to jumping to a potential title-contending team in Chicago?

VI. Not So Sweet Home Alabama

If you’re a middle school student in a city where they’re offering free tickets to see “Selma,” get there and see it. If you’re a parent or a teacher of such students, get them there.

VII. 47%

If it’s really true that Gov. Mitt Romney is considering another presidential run, then I’m overjoyed. Please toss your hat in there! Run, Mitt, Run!

When you do so, can you please elaborate on why it’s not your responsibility to worry about the 47% of society that refuses to take responsibility for their actions…and can you spell out just who they are? Good luck!