And Now For Something Different

by Mack Williams
2 August 2017

I. Anthony Scaramucci

When you have to tweet that there is No White House chaos, that says to everyone that the White House is full of chaos. Especially when the newly-minted communications director – who proved to be about as qualified for his position as so many other appointees – is fired the same day.

He didn’t even get to stay around long enough to try to clean up after the “White House is a real dump” comment. Mr. President, I hope we’re not inconveniencing you by making you stay in such substandard digs…so if you want to leave for Mar-a-Lago on a permanent basis, I truly understand. Please take Pence with you as you leave.

II. It Was All A Dream

If only that were true. Of course, the new citizens are probably happy that they haven’t gotten around to changing the letter.

III. Dream Team

I know…it’s all about talking trash and story manipulation, but Boston Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski was way off in comparing the Yankees to the Golden State Warriors after the Yankees’ recent trades.

If you had told me as I sat on the couch with my dad watching the Mets win the ’86 Series that I would, three decades later, be defending the Yanks, I would have told you how crazy you were. That said, Dombrowski speaks of these Yanks as if they were the Core Four version, which they are not…yet. In case he hadn’t noticed, the Yankees have won one World Series championship during the 2000’s…which is more than a lot of teams have, but that can’t compare to the Warriors recent run of success. Dave was creating a narrative of “they were supposed to win” should the Yankees win the division, which morphs into “what a job we did” if the Sox prevail.

IV. Triple Threat

So this is the place where I give some well-deserved shout outs, beginning with the multi-talented Denise Gordon. This singer, recording artist and actress has added designer to her portfolio…so let me let her explain in her own words:

“I am a musical performer and my wardrobe would always consist of normal clothes and diva wear. I am very funky and eclectic in my diva-wear. A touch of all my influences – bohemia, gypsy, Africa, flowing all in the challenging clothes size of Plus Size. Being a Plus Size woman you cannot always go into a shop and buy something off the rack. Sizes are usually too small or only come in blue, tan or black. This was not an option for Diva Me.

As I start to transition off the stage, my fashion sense still remains. I have spent 25 years in Africa surrounded by bold beautiful prints, spoiled by tailors who can make your dream styles come true. As I became a bit more focused on life after the stage, I was open to all different possibilities. I have always been interested in fashion, but never consider myself a ‘fashionista’. Fashion was organic. I never followed trends, I followed … me.

One day a girlfriend sent me an article about 2 American women who started an apparel company in Kenya where I was living. The thing about this company was that it only sold ONE DRESS! I was intrigued. I read the article and visited their site. For someone who was used to designing clothes in Africa, that dress was not all that. In fact I thought it was something I would only wear around the house, but I am not giving them shade. I thought the concept was brilliant, particularly they were able to sell the ‘house dress’ for $145! Clearly their market was not Africa, but moreso Europe and America. But the idea got me thinking… what single style could I use in a similar way. There was a hi-low fashion top that I adored the first time I saw it. I just kept it in my personal library , planning to one or two for myself. I started my Africa adventure in West Africa where the artistry of tailoring is very evident… tailors on every corner. East Africa is very different. More off the rack or in reality, I think most people buy second hand clothes.. yes, the one that comes from the Salvation Army from or very own closets in the US and elsewhere. Resellers buy in bulk unseen and hope that there are a lot of pieces that can be resold at a good price. It is an industry that has helped and hindered; Helped people who can only afford $1.00 to dress themselves while killing the local textile industry.

So, inspired I looked at this one top and said, one style would not be enough for me. But there was so much life in that one style, I could modify it ad infinitum.” And so she has started. Watch this space for more info.

V. Tiki Clothing Company

Next up – Javaris Neely. Sneakers can get a tad bit expensive. Check out this article from Blavity:

VI. Keloid

The Black TV and Film Collective is making big moves in the New York area, among which being the production of an outstanding web series, Keloid, written and produced by Huriyyah Muhammad.

Find the BTFC channel
on YouTube…another episode of Keloid is about to drop!

VII. The Roof Is on Fire

This was on Facebook the other day, and my first thought was you would have to save Obama, and might very well want to save Kaepernick, but somehow Trump must be saved. You wouldn’t want a fire to come between him and impeachment proceedings.


Big Nothing Burger

by Mack Williams
18 July 2017

I. Can You Tell Me How To Get…

No wonder Trumpcare sucks…if you can’t handle 17×6, you certainly can’t count to 23,000,000. Maybe the fired Kermit the Frog could help them.

II. All Rise

Told you about Aaron Judge…

III. Melo

Man, the Knicks just signed a new GM, Scott Perry. I didn’t get to toss my hat in the ring for the position, but just maybe Scott needs an assistant. Scott, if you’re reading this, here’s the perfect three-way trade to get Carmelo Anthony out of New York (if that’s really what you want to do):

Knicks get LaMarcus Aldridge, Cleveland’s 1st round pick.

Cavs get Carmelo Anthony.

Spurs get Shumpert, Tristan, Knicks 1st round pick.

This deal is a possible win-win-win for everyone. Knicks get a still-potent Aldridge who wasn’t the best fit in San Antonio upon the superstar emergence of Kawhi Leonard, and a pick. Spurs get two athletic defenders who will fit in well with their system, and a pick from the Knicks that could be high. Cavs get Carmelo, a fourth star, without giving up Kevin Love.

IV. Playing Devil’s Advocate

Perhaps the Knick front office, now minus Phil Jackson, has come to the realization that you don’t trash and devalue the player you want to trade. But then again, perhaps Carmelo shouldn’t be the player you want to trade.

He apparently has a great relationship with Porzingis, the future face of the franchise. He can still score the ball. And the Knicks still play in the Eastern Conference, which has been weaker for years and may be that much more so next season, as Chicago and Indiana probably take steps back. A front line of KP, Hernangomez, and Melo might be a starting point for a playoff team in the East.

V. Trump Jobs

President Trump told people from the start that he would the “jobs president” – and sure enough, he has been just that. Look at all the lawyers his entire family and administration are hiring.

VI. Kushner, Don Jr., and the cast of Thousands

By the time I finish this that small “nothing burger” of a meeting Don Jr. and Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort took might be up to fifty confirmed participants. But however many people were actually present at this meeting which allegedly produced “nothing,” let’s remember this: if you enter a bank with guns and demand the money (which is a crime), the fact that you walk away empty-handed because the teller reported that all the money was gone for the day doesn’t let you off the hook. Think about this the next time you hear a Republican try to explain away that meeting.

VII. Conor and Floyd

Anyone that thinks Conor McGregor has any more than the slimmest ever chance against Floyd Mayweather should revisit the professional minor league baseball career of Michael Jordan. No disrespect to MJ; I actually think hitting .202 with three homers and 51 runs batted in and 30 stolen bases is quite good for someone who had not played baseball in 13 years. My guess is that had he chosen to play baseball instead of basketball at UNC, he might have made the majors (and my Georgetown Hoyas might very well have won another NCAA title).

That said, his baseball career shows that being the best at what you do doesn’t mean you are anywhere near the best at what someone else does. Conor’s best shot is to body slam and suplex Floyd. He probably won’t get up from those.

If At First…

by Mack Williams

I. Try, Try Again

When the Republicans put out their version of Trumpcare, the Congressional Budget Office scored it as ultimately eliminating 23 million people from health care coverage. So then Senate Republicans took a stab at it, and the CBO scored it as only eliminating 22 million from the rolls.

If only they would try it 21 more times…by then they might come up with something as effective as Obamacare.

II. Do You

It happens frequently in sports; when one team wins a championship, others – admiring what they have done – try to assemble a similar team to compete against the newly-minted champions. That said, I was getting just about sick of ex-FOX news hosts getting spots on MSNBC. I mean, that’s where I want to be able to go for the unfiltered truth, and now these guys are bringing in people from the virtual media department of the Republican Party?

As it turns out, sports franchises often find that while imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, it doesn’t mean that a championship is immediately forthcoming. Thankfully the NBC networks are finding – or should be finding – that bringing on FOX people with high ratings there doesn’t necessarily translate into the same thing happening. Just do you…and bump up Joy Reid’s hours.

III. Oaktown

There is some discussion and disagreement about whether the Golden State Warriors should accept an invitation to the White House should one be extended. I’m not so sure one would be extended, in light of some of the comments team members previously made,

such as Steph Curry’s agreement with the description of President Trump as an asset to the country…”if you remove the ‘et’.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver thinks not going would be a lost opportunity to get important points across, which would make sense were we talking about most other people. If Trump wouldn’t listen to Barack Obama, what would lead you to believe that he would listen to a bunch of basketball players?

But should they decide to go, here are a few suggestions that would really make his day:

One third of the people wear a Barack Obama shirt. Another third wear a picture of Obama’s victorious 2008 electoral college map.

And the final third wear Hillary shirts.

IV. All Rise

If you’re not following Aaron Judge now, you can begin to catch up with Monday’s Home Run Derby and Tuesday’s All-Star Game. This guy reminds me of the young Strawberry…you aren’t going for a snack or the bathroom when he’s coming up…but he hits it even further.

V. Big Ballers

After seeing the Ball guys on WWE Raw…and of course seeing too much of Donald Trump raw…I realized that LaVar Ball and Donald Trump are somewhat alike. They are performers, they know how to draw the cameras, and will say whatever they feel they have to – wise or unwise – to attract attention. I am certain that they both subscribe to the theory that there is little difference between good and bad publicity, but what is really bad is no publicity.

The sole fact that someone can be somewhat entertaining doesn’t mean that you should entrust them with positions of importance. You may go out and buy Big Baller Brand merchandise, but that doesn’t mean you would vote him into any office. Keep that in mind in 2020.

VI. Obama Vacations

First of all, after being President of the United States for eight years, you deserve a vacation. But it’s funny how some of the people complaining that Obama has taken awesome vacations on his own dime – as if he’s supposed to go back to being a broke community organizer – haven’t complained at all about how President Trump goes golfing virtually every weekend and enriches himself by traveling (with his humongous entourage in tow) to his own properties, where he gets a cut out of every dollar spent there.

VII. “Voter Fraud”

If you haven’t already figured it out, this latest WH hysteria about “voter fraud” in the 2016 election is due to Trump’s absolute hatred of the fact that he lost the popular vote to HRC by the unprecedented – or in Trump-speak, “unpresidented” – total of close to 3,000,000 votes. His horrible sexist behavior shows that Sen. Elizabeth Warren was right when she said that he couldn’t stand losing to a girl. And of course he also can’t stand the fact that his electoral college total pales in comparison to those of Barack Obama.

I wish some Republican would stand tall and explain why they are so hellbent on voter suppression, trying ┬áto keep people, usually those of color, from voting – which is the real voter fraud. GOP, if your ideas were so strong, you wouldn’t be so afraid at the prospect of them being judged at the ballot box.

Been A While

by Mack Williams
1 June 2017

I. Leading From Behind

If in the decades to come the environment is messed up for Donald Trump’s young son, he will have his dad to thank, in part, as a result of pulling out of the Paris climate change accord. Fortunately there are still world leaders like Angela Merkel.

Someday – and I’m not sure when – we will look back and kind of laugh about this period when the President of the United States was respected about as much as Idi Amin.

II. Language Experts

If only we could find one of the world’s languages in which #covfefe means “I resign immediately.”

III. Here Comes The Judge

I’ve seen this movie before, albeit taking place across town in Queens. Big slugger hits such monster home runs that you never go off for a snack if he is about to bat. We are about to witness years of moonshots from Aaron Judge of the Yankees

Continue reading

Father Time

by Mack Williams
23 April 2017

I. Super Arms

If only I had a dollar for every article or on/air piece over the last four years about the great young pitchers in the New York Mets organization. Meanwhile, in light of the continuing nagging injury issues they are facing, is it time to say “if only they had kept Bartolo Colon for another year?”

My dude C-Squared likes to remind his friends that Father Time is undefeated. As I think about Colon, Jamie Moyer, and Vince Carter, I would say that perhaps he has three losses…or at the very least, three draws.

II. Bye, Billo

When the news broke about the FOX “News” payouts to the accusers of the now-departed or dismissed or fired Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump was quick to come to his defense, saying he didn’t think he did anything wrong. I guess that wouldn’t be all that surprising, considering the fact that Trump has said that one can grab women by their private parts.

Since Bill O’Reilly was forced to step down as a result of multiple allegations, would Donald Trump step down if we heard more from his accusers? No, but we can dream.

III. Say What?

LaVar Ball has said his son Lonzo’s UCLA team was unable to win because they had three whites playing alongside Lonzo. Of course, it has been widely chronicled that he has also claimed Lonzo is better than Steph Curry.

I would submit that if the three whites Lonzo had played with were three who played in that Memphis-San Antonio thriller Saturday night, namely Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol and Manu Ginobili – even the Ginobili that suited up that night – UCLA would have won the championship.

IV. For More MMA Training?

Grayson Allen has decided to return to Duke for his senior year, and I hope he can use that year to address certain issues that seem to emerge periodically. When he’s not tripping folks, he’s a nice player.

In a perfect world, I wish others would choose an extra year as well. Not pointing at you, De’Aaron Fox, but I’m just saying.

V. Big Chief Triangle

As a player Phil Jackson won two championship rings, and as a coach, he’s won eleven. As a GM, not so much as an appearance in a playoff game. And as a professor of economics, he seems not to have a promising future.

Not that Phil is applying for an economics professorship, but it certainly seems like he needs to brush up on the basic concepts. Obviously the price for a commodity will be high when the supply is low and demand is high. Conversely, if there is little demand for a commodity, the price a seller can get for it will not be too high. So what does this have to do with Phil Jackson?

Phil made some comments about Carmelo Anthony’s future, indicating that things had not really worked with him in NY, and therefore it may be time for him to chase a championship elsewhere. In other words, he basically devalued the person he so clearly wants to trade. That cannot help his bargaining position with potential trade partners. Of course, Carmelo’s alleged marital issues might make him want to waive his no-trade clause in order to get out of town – but then again, maybe not. Still, Phil ought to have known better than to diss a player he wants to move.

VI. PG13

On the one hand, the fact that the Indiana Pacers were swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers by the lowest point differential in a four-game series would seem to say to Larry Bird and company that they are close to where they need to be. On the other hand, my sense is that they might like to find players that can mesh with Lance Stephenson, and try to move Paul George before he walks.

George for Anthony straight up?

VII. No Confidence

I so wish we could call a pop-up election like British Prime Minister Theresa May just did. Then we could register a vote of “no confidence” in this government and they would step off.

More March Madness Musings

by Mack Williams
26 March 2017

I. Fake News

FOX News may be the real king of “fake news,” but U. of Kentucky guard De’Aaron Fox is the real thing, as UCLA found out the other night during his 39 point performance against them. They might be asking, “why us,” given that his teammate Monk rang them up for 40-something in their earlier game against Kentucky.

Despite his advanced game, Fox has the skinniest legs I’ve ever seen on a basketball player at that level. Were I advising him in this era of “one and done,” I would suggest he do one more year with Coach Cal while he bulks up a bit.

II. He May Get There…

UCLA’s Lonzo Ball is an excellent player, and has already declared that he will forego his remaining eligibility and go into the NBA draft this June. That said, I don’t think we need to wait that long to determine that he is not the equal of Stephen Curry, at least right now, despite what his dad says.

III. Now I Can Die In Peace

…read the sign held by a die-hard New York Rangers fan upon their Stanley Cup victory in 1994, after a span of some 46 years without drinking from the Cup. It’s been half that number of years since that one.

IV. Quarterbacks Matter

If I get Colin Kaepernick’s phone number, I may just pass it on to anyone who works at Met Life Stadium. Either of the full time occupants of that building could use his services, whether as a backup (Giants) or a starter (Jets). Winning will make anyone with an issue forget about his taking a knee during the National Anthem.

Actually I wish they wouldn’t forget. The discussion he wishes to engender needs to occur.

V. For The Love of Money

If Brock Lesnar couldn’t just walk into UFC from WWE and run roughshod over the competition, what would make you think Conor McGregor can succeed against dominant champion Floyd Mayweather? What would make McGregor take his first boxing match against a champion?

Oh, yeah. $

VI. Pro-Life?

The President’s proposed budget – cutting school lunch, Sesame Street and seniors’ meals – shows once again that to many so strongly anti-abortion conservatives, “pro-life” ends after the womb.

VII. Mr. Twitter

Lucky the guy who went to NYC to stab blacks wasn’t a Mexican or a Muslim, or Donald Trump would have been tweeting about him and the incident.

March Madness

by Mack Williams
16 March 2017

If you don’t want to participate in our collective love of March Madness, here’s what’s going to happen:

And in the other March Madness, it’s hard to believe the Donald thought there would be a good outcome as a result of lying about President Obama. He certainly is not the sharpest knife in the drawer – especially in comparison to his predecessor.