Been A While

by Mack Williams
1 June 2017

I. Leading From Behind

If in the decades to come the environment is messed up for Donald Trump’s young son, he will have his dad to thank, in part, as a result of pulling out of the Paris climate change accord. Fortunately there are still world leaders like Angela Merkel.

Someday – and I’m not sure when – we will look back and kind of laugh about this period when the President of the United States was respected about as much as Idi Amin.

II. Language Experts

If only we could find one of the world’s languages in which #covfefe means “I resign immediately.”

III. Here Comes The Judge

I’ve seen this movie before, albeit taking place across town in Queens. Big slugger hits such monster home runs that you never go off for a snack if he is about to bat. We are about to witness years of moonshots from Aaron Judge of the Yankees

and Giancarlo Stanton of the Marlins.

IV. Mr. Met Fired

Well, not really. The person who was playing Mr. Met was fired for saluting some fans like this…

Then again, fans have probably felt that way towards management and the decisions made at times down through the years.

V. Jason Whitlock

So LeBron James doesn’t deal with real racism because he isn’t poor according to Jason Whitlock. I wonder if the last few months have made him forget about this guy…

VI. Cavs Key

Oh yeah…so busy trying to find the definition of covfefe I almost forgot about the NBA Finals Trilogy matchup between the 2015 champion Golden State Warriors and the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Well, not really.

One key for the Cavs to emerge victorious: Kyrie Irving playing like a Finals MVP. Sometimes if LeBron feels he has to do too much he winds up shooting too many jump shots.

VII. Warriors key

Steph Curry will have his dominant moments, as will Kevin Durant. A Warriors key would be Klay Thompson playing like offensive superstar Klay…

like 60 points in three quarters Klay.

Prediction: Warriors win the rubber match in six.


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