Send In The Clowns

by Mack Williams
13 February 2017



Whenever you hear Donald Trump say “Believe me” you can be almost certain he has just said something that is absolutely not to be believed.

II. Super Bowl Shuffle

When the Chicago Cubs visited the White House days before President Obama left office, someone commented that as a result of the forthcoming change in administration, they might be the last team to visit for a while. But now that the New England Patriots are once again Super Bowl champs – with the owner, head coach and star QB being friends of President Trump – that will not be the case. However, a growing number of Patriots will be skipping the event because they do not want to share the stage with him. I understand their sentiments.

Still I’m reminded of a time when I had lost my college ID, but soon found an old ID of a friend that had just graduated. Not wanting to pay whatever the fee was for replacement, I decided that it was just as easy to use his ID to flash to get into the gym. Gordon and I really didn’t resemble each other, but he was an African-American and so was I, so I figured that would be close enough – and as it turns out, I was never denied entry.

So while I understand why those that choose to skip the White House trip are doing so, I almost want to borrow one of their IDs so I could find a way to ask the President why he discriminated against Blacks seeking to rent apartments, why he hasn’t apologized for slandering the Central Park 5, and of course the birther stuff.

III. Brady as GOAT

Is Tom Brady the greatest quarterback, or maybe even the greatest football player, of all time? That was definitely a great performance on Sunday, but it certainly shouldn’t be based solely on the five Super Bowl rings; if it is, does that mean that Robert Horry and Steve Kerr are among the top 10 or 15 basketball players of all time? Steve and “Big Shot Bob” hit tons of clutch shots for the various teams they won titles with, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone that would rate them top 15.

Additionally, players in other sports who are great offensive players must also play on the defensive side, unless they are the DH in baseball. As a result, analysis of their greatness includes more than just their offensive prowess. But in football, players play on one side of the ball, which means that their success is totally dependent upon an entire group of other people. Tom Brady would not be in a position to win five Super Bowls and be called the greatest if the Patriots’ defense and special team units are not on point. So for me, definitively calling someone the greatest football player ever becomes extremely hard to prove.

IV. Pass The Hat

Aside from the fact that it was ludicrous for Kellyanne Conway, White House advisor, to urge people to enrich the family of the billionaire occupant of the White House, wasn’t that against the basic principles of the free market economic system that Republicans champion? Didn’t basic supply and demand, and sales performance, lead to the removal of Ivanka Trump’s line?

V. Send In The Clowns

Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus is closing this year…and who would have believed it? That circus is among the things – like the Super Bowl, the World Series, and your class with the bad professor – that you figured would never end.


I guess since Ringling Bros.’ longtime spring home, Madison Square Garden, will miss them dearly, the Knicks are trying to fill in the gap with the ejection and roughing up and “lifetime ban” of Knicks legend Charles Oakley, as well as the wind-swinging and subtle trashing of current star


Carmelo Anthony. If you were a free agent, would you be rushing to sign with them?

VI. Court

The President tweeted SEE YOU IN COURT after the appeals court did not seek to reinstate the travel ban. Does he not realize that federal judges are from the court system? Maybe not…which might explain why he referred to the judge from Washington as a “so-called” judge.


If he has no respect for the judiciary, he needs to find a new job…maybe in construction management, since I figure the President will cut the construction costs for his wall by using undocumented Mexicans to build it.

VII. And Tomorrow…

In the midst of so much bad news, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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