Five Days In

by Mack Williams
25 January 2017


I. 20,000

The DowJones Industrial Average closed at 20,068.51, cracking the 20,000 mark for the first time today. Republicans, please be sure to send your thanks to Barack Obama; it was at 7,949.09 on January 20th, 2009.

II. Pop

No offense to the still-blooming superstar Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Patty Mills and the rest of the San Antonio Spurs, but I so wish Spurs’ general manager R.C. Buford could trade coach Gregg Popovich for Donald Trump. It certainly would hurt the Spurs’ quest for championship ring number six, but it would leave us all with a more rational and intelligent and truth-telling president. It’s too bad that a basketball coach has to point out that we can’t believe a word said by the President of the United States.

In the absence of such a transaction, we can be just about certain that should the Spurs meet LeBron James

img_2261 img_2262

and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the championship, neither team will be invited for a photo-op in the White House.

III. Hands Off

As much of a bad dream as Donald Trump’s presidency may be, his young son Barron needs to be off limits from scrutiny and badgering. He should be afforded the opportunity to have as normal a childhood as can be, given the position held by his father. Unfortunately, given the “alternative facts” generally proffered by his father, young Mr. Trump will spend these years continually hearing his dad being lambasted for his lies – and that, too, is a shame.

IV. Long Walk

If I begin by saying Russell Westbrook is having a season like few players have ever had, averaging a triple-double halfway through, I won’t feel bad in adding that Jill Scott couldn’t even have imagined a Long Walk like Westbrook did against the Warriors.
If you didn’t see it, check this out:

While we’re talking traveling, let’s not leave out fellow MVP candidate James Harden, who seems to frequently “Euro-step” his way almost to Europe without being called.

V. Bartolo

MLB pitchers and catchers will be reporting to spring training in less than a month, which leads me to think about the homer-hitting, behind the back-tossing Bartolo Colon, who will spend his 44th birthday as a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. Met fans may regret this over time; while much is always written about the great young arms on the Mets, the 40+ Colon was as key as any of them – and more durable than most of them – during the last couple of years.

VI. Super Bowl

If you have a million or two to invest in a Super Bowl commercial, make sure it runs before the fourth quarter, which may be like that of so many Golden State Warriors’ games, where Steph Curry and the starters never see the floor in the fourth quarter. My guess is that by then the only question may be which Patriot is going to Disney.

VII. Are You Kidding?

Senator Elizabeth Warren was right…Donald Trump can’t stand being beaten (even in just the popular vote) by a girl, nor can he stand his inaugural crowd beaten by women the next day. So he wants a massive voter fraud investigation into how 3-5 million illegals voted, presumably all against him, a widely debunked claim he makes with absolutely no evidence. Perhaps he will offer to fund this wild goose chase with the money he has withheld from taxes.

Of course, he can begin the investigation totally in-house with his racism-peddling aide Steve Bannon, who is registered to vote in two states.


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