An Open Letter

Dear GOP:

I don’t know how I happened to get on your mailing list any more than I know how we as a nation happened to get to the unimaginable place where we find ourselves, less than one full day out from the inauguration of a new president who blatantly rode the wings of racism, sexism and xenophobia to the White House. A man totally lacking class and qualifications that seeks to bring in a cabinet virtually devoid as well of basic qualifications for the positions for which they are nominated. A con man that had to take time away from transition business to deal with a $25,000,000 settlement of his fraudulent Trump university case. A man without the decorum expected of the leader of the free world – unless grabbing women by the p#%*y is now the norm for the job.

Of course, my GOP friends, you had quite a hand in this debacle over time. Like on January 20th, 2009, while President Obama and Michelle danced to the music of superstar entertainers (the likes of which are avoiding Trump’s inauguration like the plague), you guys met to plan how you would obstruct Obama at every turn. Like when Joe Wilson shouted “you lie” in the middle of a State of the Union address. And when you refused to consider President Obama’s  Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, leaving the highest court in the land down one justice for close to a year, and counting. And of course when too many of you rode the birther train fueled for years – up until only a few short months ago – by Donald Trump.

Although there will be but a pittance of entertainers there tomorrow, I thought a playlist for the occasion would be apropos. “Ball of Confusion” might be a good track to start with, possibly followed by “War” and “Ebony and Ivory,” followed by a special dedication for Mr. Trump, “Man In The Mirror.” The set could close with “I Will Survive,” which is what we will find a way to do during these four years.  And yes, I say four years – because you and I both know the demographics don’t favor Republicans going forward.

If only we could all inhabit a real-life version of the movie Groundhog Day, in which the character kept waking up to the same day. If only tomorrow – and each of the succeeding tomorrows – could and would continue to be January 19th.

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