The Countdown Continues

by Mack Williams
15 January 2017

I. More In Store?

Clemson’s last second victory over Alabama in Monday’s NCAA national championship game was yet another in a string of thrilling sports endings in recent months, going back to Kris Jenkins’ buzzer-beating game-winning three in Villanova’s NCAA tournament win. Then in June LeBron James’ incredible block of Andre Iguodala’s layup led to Cleveland’s first NBA title after being down to Golden State three games to one.

In the World Series the Chicago Cubs flipped the script on the Cleveland Indians, coming from down 3-1 to win their first series in 1008 years. My bad…it was only 108. Anyway, if these games and championships are any indication, we may be in for a great Super Bowl between New England and their opponents.

II. Five Days


In five days, Donald J. Trump will become President of the United States, and he prepared for that yesterday morning by attacking Rep. John Lewis on Twitter. This is, of course, the same American hero John Lewis who was fighting for justice for Black people while Trump was perpetuating injustice against Blacks in his real estate properties.

One can only hope January 20th will bring a changed man to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Not just because Steve Harvey says so, either. If not, the toughest job in America belongs neither to batters attempting to hit Aroldis Chapman’s 100+mph ninth inning fastball nor to the window washers at the World Trade Center. It belongs to Kellyanne Conway.

III. Oh Canada

On the afternoon of November 8th a political junkie friend and I laughed about the impossibility of a Trump win, which led me to share that I have family in Canada in the event I needed to relocate. More laughter ensued.

After the results came in the Toronto Raptors – or at least their social media team – had a solution for one individual:


Lowry, DeRozan, LeBron…they’d be pretty tough if he would.

IV. Toddler Shootings


And the reason you had the gun someplace the kid could get to it was what again?

V. My Kind Of Town

It’s good that Derrick Rose didn’t find an horrible family tragedy or become one upon his quick trip home to Chicago while his team was about to take the court a few nights ago. Too many guns out there as well.

Yeah, he probably should have reached out to coach or assistants or GM or owner prior to pulling a no-show for his floundering team’s game, but I wonder if being glued to the bench during the fourth quarter of the previous two games (in favor of rookie Ron Baker) had something to do with his lack of desire to give them a call.

VI. Buh Bye


Well, at least the San Diego Chargers and most likely the Oakland Raiders as well aren’t going to be loading the U-Hauls and leaving their towns and fans in the middle of the night, like Robert Irsay and the Colts left Baltimore for Indianapolis. They’re going to leave in broad daylight. A plague on both of their houses.

VII. Kids Need Support 2


If you have any money or time or other resources to share, here’s a great organization to share with. Please visit their page and check them out.

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