Bye, 2016



by Mack Williams
31 December 2016

I. Really, @realdonaldtrump?

If Donald Trump really believes he could have defeated President Obama…well, you would think he doesn’t actually believe it because if he did he would have run four years ago when Obama was up for reelection.


But if he really does think he could have done so, he’s obviously not as smart a guy as he thinks he is. Since he’s not, he needs to take the daily briefings he says he doesn’t need.

II. Kickball

Good for Duke’s Coach K in suspending Grayson Allen for his latest installment of kickball. Like Jesus Shuttlesworth, he got game and has no business doing stuff like that. Plus, there can be consequences…just ask Draymond Green and the Warriors.

III. Good To Be The King

What a play by LeBron James during their fourth quarter comeback against the Warriors on Christmas Day, leading to the deja vu-like game winning shot by Kyrie Irving. LeBron cut down the lane, received a pass, and flew in for a rim-rattling dunk which sent the home crowd into a frenzy, during which time LeBron hung on the rim, pulled up, hung some more, and almost remained there until it became December 26th…and received no technical foul, which might have played a part in the ultimate outcome of the game.

Were Lance Stephenson or Boogie Cousins or Draymond Green to hang on a rim for that long, they’d probably get as many technicals as their uniform numbers. It’s definitely good to be the King.

IV. Kugichagulia

As we are in the midst of Kwanzaa and on the verge of Lord knows what come January 20th, I felt it worthwhile to bring up one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa, that of Kugichagulia, which means self-determination. At first my thought was about the importance of self-determination on any number of levels during the next four years, given that expectations for good coming out of Washington are next to nonexistent.

But once again, in a grasp for a sliver of hope, I remind myself of the history of the presidency, and the fact that the office seemed to take a number of twentieth century presidents to a level beyond where their previous experiences would indicate they would reach.img_2211

John F. Kennedy, admittedly not well-versed on the struggle for civil rights, became someone that Dr. King said he would have endorsed had Kennedy lived.


Lyndon Johnson, an old school Texas politician, pushed through the Voting Rights Act. Richard Nixon, fierce anti-communist, opened relations with China.


So there may be hope for the President-Elect. Maybe.

V. Are You Ready For Some Football?


Football must be REALLY good at Popeye’s. Maybe I’ll watch the Super Bowl there.

VI. Fences

Just saw Fences, and as a result I know how the Oscars telecast can be made to run a few minutes shorter this time around. Simply mail the Best Actor and Best Actress awards to Denzel Washington and Viola Davis now, and you won’t have to worry about them on that night.

VII. In A Few Hours

I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year of 2017. See you on the other side!

One thought on “Bye, 2016

  1. I agree. If Donald Drumpf thought he could win he would have entered the 2012 race. I enjoyed the movie as well.

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