RNC Makes Democrats Great Again

by Mack Williams
19 July 2016

Just a few things about the comedy show that was the first night of the Republican convention…

I. White Elevators


Okay, there had to be some other rational explanation for the White Elevators sign, but how ironic is it that it would be at the site of the Republican convention? That being said, since only 0.7% of the Republican delegates are African-American, if the sign were really for white people’s elevators, it would hardly be necessary


II. White King

Rep. Steve King of Iowa, on MSNBC last night, basically said that only white people have created anything of substance in history. How ironic is it – on a night where he essentially claims black people don’t matter – that Melania Trump plagiarized from the African-American first lady?

The cynic would say that that was emblematic of this couple…Melania stole from Michelle Obama, while Donald stole from the students of Trump University.


III.   Last One Standing


President George W. Bush fears that he may be the last Republican president, which tells me he can either count or read tea leaves much better than some of the people in the convention he has chosen to stay away from.  This is not your grandad’s United States, GOP.


IV.   Write On

Did Melania’s speechwriters think that no Republicans would have seen Michelle’s speech, so it was safe to rip paragraphs out of the speech? Did they forget that there is this newfangled thing called the Internet?

They need not watch the Democratic Convention next week…chances are no speaker will take from any of these speeches in Cleveland.


If only LeBron James were on the ticket instead of Mike Pence…his presence would insure all of these empty seats would be filled.

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