One For The Land

by Mack Williams
20 June 2016


I. What’s My Name?

I don’t know the creator of this is, but humor notwithstanding – and it has cracked up everyone I know that has seen it – I wish no ill on Donald Trump. I’m not even going to refer to him as “Drumpf,” his family name before his dad changed it to Trump.

If Lew Alcindor says his name is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, I call him Kareem. If Cassius Clay says his name is Muhammad Ali, he’s Muhammad Ali. So I’m not going to call him Drumpf. He’s Donald Trump.

II. ID, Please


That said, I would like to see his birth certificate…just to make sure he wasn’t born in Kenya, Indonesia, or the moon. And while he’s digging up documentation, he can go ahead and look for his transcript as well. He wanted to see Obama’s…so let’s see his.

III. April 15

And I would like to see those tax returns, like every other candidate ever releases. If you say you can’t release them until after the audit is complete – which many people dispute – perhaps this was not your ideal year to run after all.

IV. Orlando

On The View Whoopi Goldberg said that taking someone’s life because you disagree with them is not an American concept…but unfortunately, too often it has been.  How many more Orlandos/Columbines/Sandy Hooks, etc. do we need to have before we come to our senses?

V. King James Version


Well, I guess we see LeBron James had gotten tired of so many people – and I was one – calling Steph Curry the best player in the game (MVP…okay, but “best” is where I think he drew the line).

Finally…after several blowouts, game 7 of the NBA Finals was a classic, and LeBron – arguably the best pure athlete in NBA history outside of Wilt Chamberlain – erased any doubts in anyone’s mind about whether he belongs in the discussion of greatest players ever. He also cost some moving van company a job, given that Kevin Love would likely have been out the door with a loss. (Meanwhile, somewhere Durant and Westbrook and Duncan and Pop may be kicking themselves.)

VI. One More Chance

Long suffering team’s front office watches as their best and most electric player walks away, as a free agent, from the only team he had ever played for. Five years later they have a chance to get him back. He helps lead them to title.


Could this be the story of the New York Mets and Jose Reyes?

VII. Speaking of Long Suffering…


If the city of Cleveland can claim a title after 52 years, can the Chicago Cubs be far behind?

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