by Mack Williams
30 May 2016

I. Urgent Letter


Dear GOP,

If someone in Cuba, China or North Korea – among other countries – said something like this, you guys in the Republican Party would be drawing up the next proposed set of sanctions. But when it’s referencing urban areas (in Wisconsin and other places), somehow it’s all good.

Instead of trying to suppress votes in urban areas because those voters vote overwhelmingly Democratic, why don’t you come up with policies and people that would enable you to compete for such votes?

A Friend.

II. Open Primaries

Some of the supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders are claiming that the Democratic primary race would be closer, if not showing Sanders in the lead, if independent voters were allowed to cast ballots in the Democratic primaries. I’m not sure the numbers would totally bear that out, nor am I sure I would want that to happen, for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with either Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

There’s a reason why certain voters register as independent, and it clearly has to do with not wanting to affiliate themselves with either major party…which is absolutely fine. I don’t care if you are not affiliated with the Democratic Party, but if you’re not, why should you be able to turn around and vote in the Democratic primary your registration indicated you didn’t want to participate in? You may be honest and passionate about your support for your candidate, but what would stop others from attempting to rig the process in favor of their preferred candidate, who may not be the best for the party? To me, if you want to vote in the Democratic primary, register Democratic; likewise, if you want to vote in the Republican primary, register as a Republican. Simple as that.

III. Little Marco

Donald Trump referred to Sen. Marco Rubio as “little Marco,” and trashed him for months. Rubio, in turn, called Trump a lunatic and a con man, and said he should be nowhere near the nuclear codes. So why is Rubio now saying he would be honored to introduce him at the Republican convention?


IV. The Great Debate

And now, after more back and forth, the debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump is off. I wonder when Donald figured out he had nothing to gain and much to lose in going up against Sanders…or looking at it from this perspective, why would he want to face Sanders when he was previously afraid of Megyn Kelly?

V. The Great Series


Game 7 of the NBA Western Conference finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder is in the books, another thrilling game won by the Warriors, possibly in part due to the NBA bigwigs. Apparently there was nothing Draymond Green could do – short of firing at people as rapper Troy Ave is charged with having done at the T.I. show last week – that would have gotten them to give him a flagrant 2 technical foul and a one-game suspension. Had he gotten one, the Warriors might be cleaning out their lockers for the summer instead of dressing at them today at practice for the Finals.

Although I was unsure as to who would emerge victorious, I was relatively certain that last night’s winner would ultimately win the championship. Facing the Splash Brothers and not having home court advantage, the Cavaliers will be hard-pressed to defeat Golden State.

VI. Rip Van Winkle

If you had taken a Rip Van Winkle-like thirty-three year nap in 1983 – when the Sixers, Lakers and Celtics were the three top franchises in the NBA – and woke up last week to this in the newspaper,


you would have thought the newsroom staff was drunk.


VII. Guns Again…


How many people have gotten a gun to keep their home safe, and found – for one reason or another – that it did not?

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