This And That

by Mack Williams
25 April 2016

I. Words Of Wisdom


Great to hear announcers Marv Albert and Mike Fratello take teams to task for an over-reliance on analytics! I’m a math guy and love statistics, but certain stats – like hockey’s plus/minus – often make no sense in basketball. If the Warriors sign me before the next game, and Steve Kerr puts me in for five seconds while Steph Curry hits a three and the Rockets call time, I walk away with a +3 for the game after having done nothing. Or if Steph loses his dribble to James Harden, who then goes and lays it in, I’ve got a -2, no fault of my own.

II. It’s Up To You


Should I read anything – in terms of being current or relevant – into the fact that after winning their respective New York primaries, Donald Trump’s campaign played “New York, New York” while Hillary Clinton’s campaign played “Empire State of Mind?”

III. Can I Borrow $25,000?


Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy will now have a long summer to raise the $25,000 that he was fined for blasting the officiating with respect to LeBron James. Of course he was just trying to gain a future call or two, and he may have a long time to wait for it since the Pistons were eliminated by the Cavs last night, but if you see a couple of those plays with LeBron, you might think SVG has a point. Then there was that month a couple of years ago where LeBron went almost an entire month without being whistled for a foul. Maybe that fine should be rescinded.

IV. Love TKO


If the first round of the NBA playoffs was officiated like WBA boxing matches, a great deal of these games would have been stopped early via TKO.


You might have thought it couldn’t get much worse than Philadelphia Eagles’ fans booing Santa Claus some years back, but the Flyers’ fans may have surpassed that by throwing giveaway bracelets onto the ice, resulting in the Flyers being penalized.

If anyone should be throwing stuff, it should be the Sixers’ fans. At least the Flyers made the playoffs and didn’t finish with the second-worst record of all time.

VI. Gunsmoke


Another case where for some reason bad things seem to follow guns.

VII. Who’s Worse?


When you consider the total effect on Michigan residents, who harmed them worse, the imprisoned and convicted former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick or Gov. Rick “I’ll Drink Flint Water” Snyder?

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