April Fools

by Mack Williams
3 April 2016


I. Mississippi God…

Someone please tell me that this is a big joke, that Charles Evers – civil rights leader, first Black Mississippi mayor since Reconstruction, and brother of Medgar – did not just endorse Donald Trump. But then again, it’s around April Fools Day…or is there something in the water down there?


II. Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?


In my estimation, this man stands to become very wealthy. I feel like taking such a sign out on the street myself.

III. Food For Thought

Although the person in the 1964 “Confessions of a Republican” ad was an actor hired for the role, the sentiments expressed may be valid for many even today. Long before you know who became a candidate, the daughter of an old-school Republican senator once told me that she was too embarrassed to vote for any national candidates of her party. I wonder how she would feel now.


IV. Fire The Slacker

As a result of the Boston Celtics’ road victory over the Golden State Warriors – the Warriors’ first home loss since January of 2015 – Golden State’s assistant and interim coach Luke Walton will wind up with a better record than head coach Steve Kerr. Walton, filling in while Kerr was out, coached the team to a 39-4 mark, while Kerr’s record so far is a measly 29-4 after last night’s loss.

All the more reason that Walton should be involved in any coach of the year honors that may come their way.

V. Two Wrongs


Perhaps too much Swaggie was being exhibited by the Lakers’ Nick Young, engaged to Iggy Azalea, as he shared what seemed to be his infidelity on rookie teammate D’Angelo Russell’s video. That said, Swaggie P, I feel you and your discomfort about how that happened – to an extent.

Prior to acquiring this ring on my finger a young lady I was seeing invited me to visit her and her family at their home for a few days. After the trip I told a friend about it, and he proceeded to tell Arnold, undoubtedly embellishing it along the way. Imagine my surprise when I found out Arnold wound up meeting her a year and a half later and, liking her, trashed me in his attempt to get a play through his inaccurate re-telling of the story of my visit. I certainly felt like introducing Arnold’s behind to my right foot – and this was before social media. I can understand being upset when information you thought was confidential is made public.

What I can’t understand is what Young was doing with a 19-year-old.

VI. Believe It Or Not

I took some ribbing for my bracket but I think I’ll just leave this right here.


VII. Ken Burns


PBS stations will air the new documentary on Jackie Robinson by master documentary filmmaker Ken Burns on April 11th & 12th. Check your local listings for time…and meanwhile, check the Facebook page for my book, Jackie Robinson and the Negro Leagues at Facebook.com/jackienegroleagues.

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