Warm Weather Writing


by Mack Williams
24 February 2016

I. Greetings from FL

The SEVEN is coming from Kissimmee, FL, where I am speaking to the African Heritage Cultural Club Page Turners Book Club about WWII Diary. Visit the Facebook page at Facebook.com/wwiidiary.

II. All-Star Saturday

From Steph v. Klay – Batman v. Superman – in the three-point contest to the otherworldly dunk contest finals between Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine, Toronto’s NBA All-Star Saturday had to be the best ever. And speaking of All-Star participants, All-Star MVP Russell Westbrook has got to be the most athletic point guard of all time. Not saying he’s the best…there is still a guy named Magic in the history of the league…but Russell is in a class of his own in terms of athleticism.

III. Justice Scalia

I wish death on no one and celebrate the passing of no one. I also know of the old adage that stated that if you have nothing good to say about someone, don’t say anything at all. Therefore I will say nothing about Justice Antonin Scalia’s tenure on the bench…except for the fact that he was known as one who wanted to adhere to the wishes of the framers of the constitution.

Funny how people that allegedly seek to honor his legacy now want to leave his seat empty for well over a year…which is absolutely not what the constitution states. They say the election should provide a forum for the American people to weigh on the choice of a justice through their selection of the next president…but how did Barack Obama become president? He was elected to carry out the duties of the president from 1/20/2013 through 1/20/2017, one of which being the nomination of a Supreme Court justice should a vacancy arise. So the American people have already weighed in.

IV. Hold That Trip

I’d love to see the pyramids and the Sphinx, but if the Egyptian government is mistakenly charging three-year-olds, I’ll hold off on that trip for now. Hate to be a case of mistaken identity!

V. Pinocchio Wins


Another state, another win for Donald Trump, even as it turns out that a bunch of his supporters are either flat-out racists or just didn’t understand the questions posed to them.

Let’s assume the latter…which would lead one to question the intelligence of these individuals. Meanwhile, the Republican establishment has used state advantages to suppress the minority vote. So you want less Black votes and more of these?

VI. Black History Month

Came across something where a noted conservative posted a video which allegedly proved his point that there should be no Black History Month. As it turns out, I wish there had been no need for Black History Month.

I also wish there had been no slavery for 250 years, no subsequent economic barriers, no political disenfranchisement, no Jim Crow, no lynchings, no segregation, no whitewashed history, etc. Since all of the above has happened, let’s go with Black History Month…but going forward, let’s not restrict Black history to a month.

VII. Shining Star


As someone who plays at a lot of funerals, all I can say about this is what a great send-off this was for one of the all-time musical greats. There will never be another Maurice White…which is not to say there will never be another great musician. There will be even more if we keep the arts funded in schools.

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