Under The Gun


by Mack Williams
14 December 2015


I. Bye, Antonin

I would open by saying if you never had a reason to vote before, except that would be false from the start. Aside from the fact that voting is one of the ways we participate in and attempt to influence the society in which we live, you should vote if only to honor the memories and legacies of those who have gone on before after having paid – in some cases – the ultimate price in order for us to be able to do so.

So I’ll say that if you never thought you had a reason to vote before, you’ve got one now that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia revealed that he considers Black people to be intellectually inferior. There are so many things wrong with that, not the least of which being that his beliefs would lead one to question whether he can be an impartial judge of any case relating to Black people. If he cannot, then he is unable to adequately do his job, which means that he should resign immediately. Bye, Antonin…and take Justice Thomas along, since he generally sides with you.

But back to voting, people holding elective offices are in office for a specific period of time before having to run for reelection. Some offices are term-limited, meaning that these officeholders cannot be in office for longer than a pre-determined length of time. A seat on the Supreme Court is basically a seat for life, for which the individual is nominated by the President. Justice Scalia’s words make plain the importance of voting to elect someone not likely to nominate another Scalia.

II. Maybe The Green Monster?

Too bad Donald Trump wouldn’t be able to use the same wall for Muslims as for Mexicans. He’s becoming the best recruiter ISIS has ever had.

By the way, Trump fans, he gets no pass for saying his “ban Muslims” plan is no different than FDR’s placing Japanese citizens in concentration camps in the 1940’s. Roosevelt achieved some great things during his presidency, but that was horrible – and so is Trump’s plan.



If you’re looking for a great book to shine another light on that WWII era, visit Facebook.com/wwiidiary, the Facebook page of WWII Diary by Winnie Williams, where you can read more about the book and order your copy. It’s soon to be a major motion picture…but get the book first!

IV. Ease On Down


Aware of the saying about the word assume, I’ll just nonetheless assume lack of knowledge – or youth, if applicable – drove the internet complaints about the live broadcast of The Wiz being performed by a Black cast. They must not know Wiz was a contemporary re-telling of The Wizard of Oz, in much the same way that West Side Story was a contemporary re-telling of Romeo and Juliet. Meanwhile, kudos to Shanice Williams!

V. Nothing Lasts Forever


It had to happen sometime. The Golden State Warriors are no longer undefeated, their 24-game winning streak coming to an end at the hands of another youthful and athletic team, the Milwaukee Bucks…somewhat to the chagrin of some fans hoping the streak would continue until Christmas Day, when the Warriors are to face the Cleveland Cavaliers.


For those people who question whether Golden State skated to a title in the spring – given that they didn’t meet either the Thunder or the Spurs in the playoffs, and played the Cavs without their second and third-best players – the Warriors certainly have had an answer so far this season.

VI. Jackie Robinson and the Negro Leagues


Buy the young child in your life a copy of Jackie Robinson and the Negro Leagues, which tells the story of the integration of Major League Baseball. Visit Facebook.com/JackieNegroLeagues.

VII. Dear Santa


And a little child shall lead them. If only Santa could do that.

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