Feelin’ The Bern?


by Mack Williams
28 November 2015

I. And The Winner Is…

The chances are great that one of these individuals pictured here will be our next president. I certainly hope it is not one of the candidates from the Bobby Jindal-named Stupid Party…but that said, here’s hoping their nominee will be John Kasich – because the possibility exists that that candidate could win. Of course, that possibility diminishes each day Donald Trump remains in the race and insults another group of people, but the possibility still remains, and since Gov. Kasich seems to have the most sense of that misfit crew of candidates, I hope Kasich can pull himself off the polling mat.

II. And The Loser Is…image

No Philadelphia 76ers fan during any of the years that Cheeks, Iverson, Moses, Dr. J, and Barkley were rocking the house in South Philly would have believed that the 2015 iteration of the Sixers would be winless at 0-17 now. But take heart, Sixers fans…there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Noel and Okafor are promising young players, the hill isn’t as steep in the eastern conference, and as pointed out by my son, several teams that have enjoyed recent success – such as the San Francisco Giants, Kansas City Royals, and the Golden State Warriors – had had lean years previously. So keep your heads up – good things may be on the horizon.

III. Watch Where You’re Going

Glad to have read an article in which Bishop Hezekiah Walker indicated he may not attend the Monday meeting in which 100 Black ministers were allegedly going to endorse Donald Trump. One wonders if they forgot that birth certificate mess.

As for Bishop Hezekiah, endorsing Trump might take “Souled Out” to a whole nother place.

IV. Watch Out image

For the record, I am much more afraid of terrorists like this than ISIS/ISIL, Syrian refugees, or Muslims.

V. For That Young Person You Know…image

You don’t have to fight the crowds at the mall…get that young kid in your life a copy of my book, “Jackie Robinson and the Negro Leagues.” Visit the book’s page at Facebook.com/JackieNegroLeagues.

VI. For The Slightly Older Ones…image

You still don’t have to fight the crowds…get them a copy of my mother’s memoir, “WWII Diary.” Visit Facebook.com/wwiidiary.

VII. Giving Thanks

As we see people literally fighting over Black Friday deals…as is the case each year…let’s remember that some people are fighting not for deals but just to keep it all together. Give thanks for having a meal to eat, and family and friends to sit down with this holiday season.

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