Prayers for Paris


by Mack Williams
18 November 2015

I. Prayers for Paris

Paris was on the minds of people all over the world this past weekend after the horrific attacks that left hundreds dead. New York Knick Kevin Seraphin – a French native – had Paris on his mind and his head.

What a difference a decade makes…it wasn’t all that long ago that the right wingers hated France for not taking part in the invasion of Iraq – which, in retrospect, helped create ISIS. Yeah, Republicans, you built it!

II. Team Leader

It’s tough to be the player that takes over for a legend. Shout out to Didi Gregorius, who stepped into the shortstop position of the New York Yankees upon the retirement of Derek Jeter and did an excellent job once he got acclimated to the landscape. Obviously he wasn’t the sole reason, but the Yanks made the playoffs for the first time in three years, and probably wouldn’t have had Gregorius not stepped up in the manner that he did.

In Green Bay, quarterback Aaron Rodgers had a similarly tough job of replacing Brett Favre – and has done quite well through the years. That said, for me as good as or better than any play he has made on the field was when he called out the fan that shouted “Muslims suck” during a moment of silence for the deceased in Paris.

III. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…

I find it amazing that some African-Americans who are outraged when racists negatively lump all African-Americans together when a few Blacks do something bad are so quick to want to put up a Trump wall to keep all Syrian refugees out as a result of the actions of a few people.

IV. Just So You Know…

All police are not bad. Most are doing and trying to do a difficult job to the best of their abilities. We just want the bad apples to suffer consequences for their actions.

V.  U. of Missouri

When African-American athetes – most specifically football and basketball players – became welcome at some of the powerhouse D1 schools that had previously excluded them, many smaller HBCU programs suffered. I’m sure the feeling was that you can’t get there – NFL, NBA – from these schools. But now in the internet age, you can be found anywhere. Perhaps this can be an argument that the HBCUs can use when recruiting top flight talent going forward. It can’t hurt.

VI. Down Goes Rousey

The air of invincibility is gone from Ronda Rousey, at least temporarily. And sometimes when it goes, it is hard to get back. Just ask Mike Tyson.

VII. Down Goes Jindal

Bobby Jindal has withdrawn from the Republican presidential race. Meanwhile, Donald Trump speaks of closing mosques, Chris Christie wouldn’t let Syrian children in, and Ben Carson said a Muslim shouldn’t be president.

If only the other 14 candidates would follow suit.

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