Game, Set, Match


by Mack Williams
18 July 2015

I. Seeing Eye Dogs?

If Serena Williams looks like a man – which is what some of the haters are saying after her recent Wimbledon victory, which completed her latest “Serena Slam” – I so can’t wait to see what a woman looks like.

II. Doc & Co.

Seeing the 2014 Rookie of the Year Jacob deGrom throw such a dominant inning in the All-Star Game was reminiscent of Dwight Gooden’s first All-Star appearance, which yielded the same result. The whole young Met staff is reminiscent of the ’80s Met starters, Gooden, Ron Darling, David Cone, and Sid Fernandez, although the current Met hurlers will be hard pressed to approach the mania in the city on days when Doc was to start home games in the ’80s and his 75-foot high likeness was one of the first things one would see when entering New York through the Holland Tunnel.

III. For A Cab Ride

A cab driver, in sharing some of his craziest experiences behind the wheel, once told me of the night a young woman got in, told him where she wanted to go – about a 20-25 minute ride – and asked what the approximate cost would be. When told the cost, she shared her problem, that being she didn’t have enough money for the ride, but needed to get there ASAP. (Public transportation could have taken her there just as well for a fraction of the cost, but not as quickly at that time of night.)

She then asked if there were any possible solution, at which point the driver suggested that doing the nasty on the back seat could suffice for payment. Her response: “Is that all you want?”

If she would do that for a cab ride, how many aspiring actresses would have done that with Bill Cosby for what they would have envisioned as a shot to be on the Cosby Show? Actually, the better question is why the heck (if these allegations are true) would Bill feel he needed to drug those women?

IV. Iran

Seems like some of the same folks that wanted to fight Iraq would rather fight Iran than talk with them. Seems like we’ve gone down this road before.

V. $5.9 Million

$5.9 million is s lot of money…but I’m sure Eric Garner’s family would return every penny if they could have Eric back.

The City of New York would undoubtedly be so much better off if it didn’t have to pay out so much money to families that have been wronged. Perhaps body cameras on police will help. They can’t hurt.

VI. Number 1

Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican presidential polls – fueled by his “bad Mexican” comments which obviously resonate with a percentage of potential GOP primary voters – totally illustrates why the Republican Party will have an extremely hard time winning the presidency going forward.

VII. Harlem Book Fair

If you are in the area this afternoon, come find me at the the Harlem Book Fair on 135th St. between Malcolm X Blvd. and Frederick Douglass Blvd. Support some great authors…yours truly and many others!

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