A Thousand Words


by Mack Williams
27 June 2015

I. A Picture Is Worth…

Any number of people have left home to go to their jobs and lost their lives, but in most of those cases it was not due to the specific nature of the job itself. In the case of a police officer, this is a potential reality he or she faces every day. The job is no joke, and I believe most people get that.

With that said, I wonder if the bulletproof vest was given to Dylan Storm Roof before the officers bought him some Burger King? Tamar Rice didn’t get a chance to request Burger King, nor did Eric Garner, whose expressed concern was about being unable to breathe. As long as there is a perception that Black lives Don’t matter to people in law enforcement, there will continue to be a fractured relationship between the police and members of the community.

II. 2016 Already?

As horrific as were the Mother Emanuel AME killings, would there be so many calls – from various Republicans – for Confederate flag removal if we were not headed into a presidential election season?

III. Not So Fast

Newly minted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump managed to stick his toes in some water he should have avoided with his comments about Mexican immigrants being addicts, criminals and rapists that may lead to Univision dropping his Miss USA pageant. Not that that should be that much of a surprise from Birth Certificate Man.

But as I’ve said before, the first people he needs to issue an apology to before doing anything else in his presidential campaign are the Central Park 5.

IV. Right Time, Right Place

Lucky guys like Big Papi and Jose Reyes are in the midst of their seasons now as opposed to being at home in the Dominican Republic. Their dark-skinned tails might be getting deported.

Next time the World Baseball Classic is held, D.R., leave the guys like that off the team and see how well you do.

V. Dat Dude Again

The talking heads are saying that the Cincinnati Reds are about to throw in the towel on this season and this group of players, and go into fire sale mode. After seeing another one of Brandon Phillips’ behind the back plays last night – which he followed up with a game-winning home run – I so hope that he can find his way into the playoffs again so that everyone can get to see how great (and, yes, entertaining) he is.

VI. A New York Minute

We won’t really know the outcome of last night’s NBA Draft night picks and moves for years to come…but here are two predictions:

1. That youngster whose expression was the picture of dissatisfaction after the Knicks picked Kristaps Porzingis will be seeing his face on TV for years, no matter how Porzingis turns out. (I happen to think he may turn out okay.)

2. Brooklyn Nets fans will look back on this day with disdain after Mason Plumlee, traded to the Portland Trail Blazers, develops into a fine NBA player.

VII. Olympic Reunion

If they hold a reunion for Olympic gold medalists, will Caitlyn Jenner attend?

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