Go West, Young Man


by Mack Williams
9 June 2015

I. One Down…

Another darn audio recording…

Several websites recently posted a recording of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz using a word which sounded very much like the N-word in a joke about President Obama. If it weren’t such an horrible exhibition of a candidate’s character, I would almost be tempted to congratulate Sen. Cruz on his honesty, for numerous other incidents during the previous six and a half years – from the stated “You lie” to the general disrespect shown the man and the office – seemed to be indicative of a group of people that felt that way about Mr. Obama without using the actual terminology.

I would have thought the R party people would have learned by now to watch what they say in the presence of recording devices…which, nowadays, means all the time.

II. Two Down…

Rick Perry announced that he, too, is seeking the Republican nomination. I don’t know if I would ever run for president again if I had embarrassingly forgotten key items I was presenting as part of my platform, as he did in a debate four years ago.

Were I to have the opportunity to discuss his candidacy with Gov. Perry, the question which I might be asking is, “what country are you seeking the presidency of?” That only because Perry somewhat championed the cause of secession from the United States some time ago…of course, during the Obama years…and now he wants to be the President of these United States?

III. 65 (million) Down

The board of Pastor Creflo “65 Million” Dollar’s church has announced that the church will be getting that sixty-five million dollar plane that Pastor Dollar wanted. I wonder if he has considered what might happen if he flew coach, and used what was left over to help feed and clothe and educate the less fortunate?

Creflo’s board kind of made me feel like I’m in the wrong business…is it too late to reinvent myself?

IV. Random Finals Notes

My prediction was Warriors in six prior to the series, so I’m going to stick to that. Meanwhile, from Argentina to Australia to France to San Antonio, the Spurs are probably kicking themselves yet again over their lost opportunity to repeat as champs. Once again, their loss to the Carmelo-less Knicks could be viewed as the reason they played the Clippers as the sixth seed as opposed to entering the playoffs as the second seed.

As much as the media focuses on LeBron’s triple double Sunday night, there is no way – triple double or not – Cleveland can win if James has more 33% from the field shooting games.

Dell Curry was a great shooter and Mychal Thompson had a fine career, including playing for two NBA championship teams. But if their sons, Steph and Klay – far better – go on to have sons who are that much better than they are, they will be the greatest players ever.

V. Happy Birthday

Kim Kardashian West came up with an outstanding birthday present for husband Kanye – a rented out Staples Center for him to play ball with Russell Westbrook, Shaq, and others, with John Legend singing the national anthem. My wife doesn’t do too much keeping up with the Kardashians or the Wests, but if she happens to read this prior to my December 28th birthday, the NBA season will, of course, by then be in full swing again but she can rent out Dodger Stadium for me to hit around with Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden, Yasiel Puig, and maybe Kevin Millar. Let her know if you see her.

VI. What You Find Online

At Cincinnati.com there’s an article about why MLB’s draft lacks sizzle of NFL, NBA drafts. I didn’t read it…mainly because I already know the answer. And to borrow from Ellery Queen, you know it too.

The NBA teams are drafting – or at least hoping to draft – future star players that in many cases we have already become familiar with as a result of their colleges and the NCAA Tournament during the previous one to four years. We are looking forward to the next phase of their careers – and being knowledgeable of their talent, we love to project how they would work out with various teams. The same is more or less true with the NFL draft, where teams draft, especially in early rounds, guys expected to be starters and/or impactful players.

The MLB drafted players are either in high school – and we’ve never heard of them – or in college…and college baseball has nowhere near the media coverage and following that creates free PR, as the NCAA does for the NFL and NBA. We’ll do more on PR and marketing and baseball soon.

VII. Muchas Gracias

Thanks, Stephany. Everyone else, have a great day and enjoy the game!

One thought on “Go West, Young Man

  1. I am trying to imagine you playing baseball with Darryl Strawberry, et al. That would be an interesting sight. Lol. I will definitely let Cynthia know.

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