1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Sixers


by Mack Williams
31 May 2015

Mirror, Mirror

There is no comparison between an adult homosexual relationship and the abuse of a minor.

Still I wonder how the Dennis Hasterts of the world can look at themselves in the mirror when they vote against the interests of gay individuals while engaging in homosexual – albeit abusive – relationships.

II. 19 & Counting

Money alone will not and would not make whole the young people who were abused by the-then 15-year-old Josh Duggar. Still, they would probably feel a little better if they were compensated with an equivalent portion of the past and future Duggar family profits of 19 & Counting.

With that said, is it totally fair to paint the 28-year-old Duggar with the brush of a kid? Or is it more of a story due to the fact that his adult parents were basically complicit in the situation, going to great lengths to cover up their child’s mistakes in order to keep whatever financial benefits that come to them as a result of their humongous family?

III. That’s Why They Play The Game

How do you explain the Los Angeles Clippers defeating the champion San Antonio Spurs after being down three games to two, and then following that up by losing a series to the Houston Rockets that they led 3-1?

Fortunately, in terms of job security, coach Doc Rivers is the general manager as well; he’s rather unlikely to fire himself.

IV. 5 & Counting

This is a fact: NBA Finals series will be the fifth consecutive one played in by LeBron James. What is not a fact is the statement thrown out more than once that LeBron is the first to do just that. Just doing the math would tell you otherwise…if the Boston Celtics won 11 times in a 13-year period, there’s no mathematical way at least five of them wouldn’t be in a row. So certainly Bill Russell and some of his teammates on that run have the five straight appearances beat.

While we are applauding LeBron for his accomplishment, how about a retro handclap for the ’90’s era Buffalo Bills, who made it to four straight Super Bowls?

V. Not Quite The Same

When I watched Steph Curry’s scary fall a few nights ago, it reminded me of, well, me. Not that I jump as high or shoot as well as the regular season and future Finals MVP, but back in the college days I had some mini-hops and enjoyed pinning people’s lay ups on the backboard. One day I went to do just that and somehow a guy went underneath my legs, sending me uncontrollably down like Steph the other night. As I was heading downwards, my first thought was about how I would explain to my parents, standing over my hospital bed, why I was on the basketball court instead of in class.

Like Curry, I was able to continue playing.

VI. Who Would Win?

Someone posted the Sixers-Bulls picture on Facebook, asking who would win. Very interesting group pictured for each team; Bulls with three members from the ’96-98 champions (Jordan, Pippen and Rodman), plus a more active center in Noah and a great guard in Rose, while Sixers have three from their 1983 championship team (Cheeks, Malone, and Erving) plus the incredible Iverson and Barkley.

That said, if I were picking a guard to go with Cheeks/Malone/Erving/Barkley, I might prefer Andrew Toney; as great as Iverson was – and I saw him score 50 in person one night – he was not an outstanding outside shooter. And if I were picking a guard to go with MJ and Co., I would choose someone like the ones he had in Paxson, Hodges, etc. over Derrick Rose, as great as he is.

So what do you think? Here’s my quick analysis: if you put the Nets #32 jersey on Dr. J – or in other words, turn him loose as in his Nets days – I’ll take the Sixers.

VII. Looking For A Book?

In case you’re in search of your first great read of the summer, I would naturally be biased but nonetheless suggest “WWII Diary” by my mother, Winnie Artis Williams. Here’s one place you can find this outstanding memoir online: http://www.amazon.com/WWII-Diary-Travels-Experiences-Soldiers-ebook/dp/B00K8GDMYM/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1433106266&sr=8-3&keywords=wwii+diary

The screenplay is being written, and you may have an opportunity to see her story unfold on screen before long – but read the book first!

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