by Mack Williams
28 March 2015

I. Five Out of Eight Ain’t Bad

The soon-to-be presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson – who is a brilliant doctor – has called President Obama a psychopath. I wonder if that supposed condition has anything to do with him having just five of the eight remaining teams in the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament left on his bracket.image

Then again, I have just five left on mine as well…so what does that say about me?

II. Cruz-ing

The official Republican circuit – or circus, depending on your perspective – has begun with the formal entry of Sen. Ted Cruz into the presidential race. Who’s going to make their Final Four? My way too early prediction is Bush, Walker, Paul and Cruz.

Can’t wait to hear how Cruz likes the Obamacare he has had to sign up for now that his wife has left her job, the same Obamacare he was shutting down the government for. Isn’t it funny how in 2008 Republicans said first-term Sen. Barack Obama didn’t have enough experience to be president, but now first-term Republican senators Cruz and Rubio and Paul are all (or shortly to be) in the race?

III. Trump Card

Donald Trump, who’s also considering a White House run, shared his concern about Sen. Cruz’s birth in Alberta, Canada and his eligibility for the presidency – and I was so glad he did. Otherwise I would have been forced to think that all his talk about President Obama’s birth certificate was because Obama was born in Kenya.

IV. Born Again

The 700 Club host Pat Robertson said he wishes Ronald Reagan could come back from the dead, since “the current president” has so many shortcomings. Aside from making Reagan so much more like Jesus than anyone (except for the fact that Jesus was no politician), his return to the scene would be at the age of 109 were he to be inaugurated on January 20th, 2017. Wasn’t he already experiencing memory issues at 80? Really, Pat?

V. #Black Votes Matter

I try my hardest to stay away from purchasing the ultra-conservative New York Post – although it remahins one of the best newspapers in the country for sports – but I will run into an occasional online article, such as the piece written by Robert George the other day for which the headline read “Black votes matter: Will GOP ever figure that out?”

My guess, in the short term at least, is no. Given that the first page of the Republican playbook has read “diss Obama” for six and a half years, it would be hard to do an about face, given that their presidential candidates have been among the main people running this play. Were I looking to assist them like Cliff Paul, I would point out that Brown Votes matter too…and so every time you try to build a fence on the border and kick Latinos out, you’re losing more Latino votes…which are growing in numbers in each election. You’ll figure out what I mean when Texas turns purple from red.

VI. No Love Lost

It’s really no controversy when Kevin Love – still not really in the mix with the Cleveland Cavaliers – calls former UCLA teammate Russell Westbrook the MVP over current teammate LeBron James. He’s entitled to his opinion.

With that said, here’s another prediction: Love will leave the Cavs for the Lakers next year, joining Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo. Kobe will then immediately announce that next year will not be his last.

VII. Traveling Violation

Would the people on New York’s 36 LTD bus that pay $117 for a monthly Metrocard be upset to see 25 people – adults, not fun-loving teenaged fare beaters – walk in the back door without paying at a crowded stop?

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