Hit Me With Your Best Shot

by Mack Williams
26 February 2015image
I. For Whites Only

If you happen to be an African-American woman, my suggestion would be to refrain from buying this purse. It could wind up being your last purchase…as in, “I thought she had a gun.”
II. DOJ Not Charging Zimmerman

Can someone – anyone – please find a way to grant George Zimmerman the jail time he so richly deserves?
III. I Can’t Breathe

From Ferguson to New York and numerous other places, we have reason to question the validity of grand jury verdicts in case after case involving the killings of people of color. We go to rallies and meetings and put our hands up in protest…but as the saying goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

The federal system and many states use lists of registered voters as the source for potential grand jurors (as well as trial jurors). So if you’re walking around with your hands up but haven’t used those hands to fill out a voter registration form, put your hands back down and go get registered.
IV. Celebrity Apprentice?

Like many people, I have been trying to process what is up with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani after his numerous foot-in-mouth statements regarding the patriotism of President Obama. My first thought was that perhaps the attention-starved failed presidential candidate should make his next stop the board room at Celebrity Apprentice.

But as I think more about his cringe-worthy statements which seem to dig a deeper hole for him with each passing day, I wonder if he would really be a good candidate for such a show. Of course host Donald Trump is a clown as well, but Celebrity Apprentice contestants do have to perform tasks which require thought. Perhaps his doctor ought try a prescription of Namenda. It could be early dementia setting in.
V. Showtime 2016

Let me be the first to predict that Rajon Rondo will take a free agent walk to the left coast to become the next point guard of the Los Angeles Lakers. Certainly it’s no secret that Kobe Bryant would love to have him, which was probably part of the dinner conversation between the two of them a few weeks ago.

Why would you think he won’t return to the perennial contender Mavericks? Let’s examine the comments of Mavs coach Rick Carlisle after he and Rondo shared some not-so-nice words during and after the other night’s game:

“We need to work on the solution for making his stint as a Dallas Maverick the most successful one possible.”

His stint? Doesn’t sound like coach speak for “five year contract on the horizon.” What it sounds like is coach doesn’t want him back and he doesn’t want to be back. I’m guessing L.A.
VI. Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

It may be five years too late for it to be the fight it could’ve been…but after all these years where Roy Jones played basketball and Floyd Mayweather fought The Big Show, finally a match to catch the public’s attention.
VII. Who Knew?

Of all the viewers of ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder, who knew Annalise’s mom was Miss Jane Pittman?

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