Don’t Shoot, Choke…

by Mack Williams
6 December 2014

I. Never Knew Why Christmas Missed Us

Overheard on NY subway…”I didn’t give her any attitude ’cause my birthday is coming up.” In my case, both Christmas and my birthday are coming up, so I guess I’d better be super good for goodness sake.

But on the real, the New York main post office gets thousands of letters addressed to Santa from kids seeking presents. Instead of running around all holiday season searching for that last present, we can make some kid’s day on Christmas morning. If that works for you, contact the post office to see how you can help.

II. Home For Christmas

The New York Jets will be home for Christmas…and the rest of the winter, for that matter…but perhaps that might not be the case had they gone with Mike Vick from the door, which would also have given him the opportunity to mentor second-year quarterback Geno Smith, whose confidence is probably somewhat shattered.

Totally surprised coach Rex Ryan – who may very well be on the clock this season for his job – didn’t act selfishly in that regard.

III. Reefer Madness

Saw an article which spoke of smoking levels being down. Meanwhile, I’m sure the big tobacco companies are waiting/hoping for the opportunity to offset these losses when marijuana is totally legalized. At the risk of getting thrown off the deacon board in a manner like “Jazz” would be thrown out the door on The Fresh Prince, I wish all drugs were legal, for that would eliminate much of the violence in urban communities which takes place as a result of the drug trade. No need to shoot each other…or shoot at each other and miss, killing someone else…or shoot up your adversary’s family, etc. over a drug game you won’t be in anymore.

IV. Is This The End?

Have we seen the last of Metta World Peace on an NBA court, a man who was always entertaining as well as – in my opinion – one of the most talented defensive players ever? I hope not…he may get a chance to come back from the Chinese league…but if we have, here’s Metta in one of the great defensive plays in recent memory:

V. St. Louis Blues

It’s amazing to see the vitriol spewed on the internet at the five St. Louis Rams players who came out onto the field with the Hands Up, Don’t Shoot pose. One woman was so upset with them that she didn’t watch Monday Night Football for the first time in twenty-some years. Too bad, lady…you missed a good game.

Another dude wrote that they are paid – and paid well – to play football, so they need to just do that. I wonder if anyone subsequently asked him what his profession is? If it is not something like TV analyst or Op-Ed writer – which it most likely is not – he’s not paid to do that either…which means that they have as much right as he does, as Charles Barkley does, as Kenny Smith does, to express an opinion.

VI. Twelve Blind Mice

If a picture is, in fact, worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth at least a million. Therefore I guess they needed at least 1,000,001 words to bring an indictment in Staten Island.

Should President Obama be looking for another signature achievement – besides immigration reform – during his last two years, tackling police brutality may be it.

VII. Dick Allen

Here’s hoping that Dick Allen – an awesome ball player that should be revered in Philadelphia as opposed to being a footnote in Phillies history – will be announced as having been elected to the Hall of Fame on Monday at the winter baseball meetings.

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