A Picture Is Worth…


20 October 2014

I. What A Start

The playoff coverage on FOX Sports 1 has been informative and enjoyable…but the wonderful spelling in the above screen shot would seem to connect this network with cousin FOX News in terms of inaccuracies. Hopefully not.

II. What A Series

Who would have forecast a World Series matchup between the Kansas City Royals – who have not seen the playoffs in 29 years and, as a wild card team, came very close to missing them this year – and the San Francisco Giants, another wild card entry but winners of the last two even-year Series? Both are scrappy, small ball, get it done type of teams, but in Madison Bumgarner, the Gigantes have the best starter who would be in line to pitch three times should the series go seven games – so for that reason, my guess is that the Giants win their third Series in the last five.

III. Not That Serious

The World Series is serious, especially for the baseball fans around the world that will be tuning in. Breaking up with your lover…well, that too might be serious, but no so much as to jump off of a building, as a gentleman did recently in New York City. If only he had done the math…8 million people, which means there are approximately four million other women (or men, if that’s how he rolled) in town to choose from. Maybe not really that many eligible ones, but you get the point. The sun will come up tomorrow…

As we approach the start of the Series, this incident brings back to mind the story of Donnie Moore, an outstanding relief pitcher for the-then California Angels, who gave up a crucial home run to Boston Red Sox slugger Dave Henderson just as the Angels were on the verge of advancing to the 1986 World Series. Moore apparently never got over it and, tragically, later committed suicide. In a sport where failure is regular – for instance, a batter that is successful 30% of the time may go to the Hall of Fame – what a shame it was that this young man took his sorrow to that level.

IV. Breakfast Of Champions

I wonder what the General Mills folks are saying to themselves when they walk in the supermarket and see Adrian Peterson on Wheaties boxes?

V. Double Fault

The Russian Tennis Federation president Shamil Tarpishchev just referred to Venus and Serena Williams as the “Williams brothers.” Envy extends across the Atlantic as well.

VI. No. You. Didn’t.

A Republican Missouri office holder, Debbie Dunnegan, used her Facebook page to basically call for a coup against President Obama. I wonder what would happen if one of the residents of Ferguson, MO would make a citizen’s arrest on her?

Had an African-American office holder publically advocated a coup against President Bush, he or she would have at the very least gotten to have a conversation with the Secret Service or the FBI.

VII. Not So Fast

In an experiment which the NBA wanted to try in the the Brooklyn Nets played a 44-minute exhibition game against the Boston Celtics, as opposed to the regular 48. I would venture to say that come next week, upon the start of the regular season, both of these teams will need as many minutes as possible to accumulate points.

NBA Previews to come.

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