Time Mag Sux

27 June 2014
I. Mississippi (Tea Party) Burning

How ironic is it that in 2014 –
just 50 years after Freedom Summer…
50 years after the murders of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner for seeking to get Blacks registered to vote in Mississippi…
50 years after Fannie Lou Hamer was “sick and tired of being sick and tired” at the Democratic Convention…
Just 50 years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964…
the Mississippi Republican political establishment candidate, Sen. Thad Cochran, needed to recruit Black Democratic voters to hold on to his seat in a Republican primary against a Tea Partier.
II. Disco Inferno…burn this mother down

Were I friend or kin to officer Bowe Bergdahl, I’d be burning up inside, or wishing I could legally burn down the offices of Time magazine after their “Was He Worth It” cover. I bet if it had been their editor being held hostage it would have been worth it.

They ought lose subscriptions over that.
III. The Heat Is On…Melo?

So Carmelo Anthony opted out of his Knick contract, as he said he would all along, as was his right. No surprise. But now new GM Phil Jackson basically wants ‘Melo to work for less than the $12 million he himself is getting, and has begun creation of a “Carmelo’s greedy” narrative if he walks. No surprise Carmelo hasn’t jumped at that.

Clearly he wants a shot at a ring while still in his prime, which he may not get if remaining in the Big Apple. In light of the Spurs’ recent playoff clinic, I’m just not so sure he’d get one if he takes his talents to South Beach. The number of balls used on the court might pose a problem.
IV. King James Version

So LeBron James opted out of his Heat contract, as was his right. He did so to give the Heat more financial flexibility, or to test the free agent waters, or to put Miami Heat on Pat Riley to remake or retool his roster. But am I the only one who thought it strange that Riley felt he needed to call a press conference to call LeBron out?
V. Chump

One day years ago, walking in Times Square, I see a big commotion, and ask a guy what was up. Muhammad Ali, I was told. Luckily no cars were coming as I raced across the street, or I’d be writing this from up top.

As a fan addressed him as “champ,” Ali playfully turned and asked him if he had said champ or chump. “Champ,” said the fan. “I would never call you chump. You’re bigger than I am.”

“Did you say bigger, or n__gg__?”

Not too long after that the Central Park Five were arrested and ultimately jailed for years for the “crime of the century” that DNA proved they did not commit. Finally the City of New York has agreed on compensation for these men, bringing much-needed closure to this case. Of course Donald Trump – the taker of full-page New York Times ads excoriating these boys at the time – is unhappy. Another instance where the would-be presidential candidate seems to have to hold on for dear life to his incorrect stance…as in the birth certificate matter.

Did you say Trump, or Chump?
VI. Redskins

If owner Dan Snyder doesn’t change that name soon, he’ll be the next chump.
VII. Omar Minaya vs. Sandy Alderson

Is it too early to say that Minaya’s “Los Mets” were much better than Alderson’s money ball team?

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