My Piece I Give Unto You


10 March 2014

I. Another View of The Greatest Generation

Tom Brokaw has written extensively about the World War II era having produced “the greatest generation,” and now another writer has come out with her take on her country, her generation, and her life therein. That would be my mother, Winnie Williams, whose memoir, “WWII Diary – Travels and Experiences of a Black Soldier’s Wife,” is now available. By the time you read this you should be able to find it on Amazon…and soon also available on Kindle. I would be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to get a copy…and I guarantee you you’ll enjoy it!

II. Farewell To Arms

If you go into a bookstore, especially a Christian bookstore, you may find numerous Biblical translations which all have their own linguistic interpretations of the words of the Bible. In almost all of these instances the differences are nuanced and are in the spoken and written style of language used, but I guess there may be some where the differences may be more pronounced.

So when I saw that Troy, New York pastor Rev. John Koletas is going to raffle off an AR-15 assault rifle at his church service in two weeks, I was led to chalk this up to him having bought some different translation – and wanted to find it. After an exhaustive search I think I located it, and turned right to an appropriate passage, where it read “If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not a rifle, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal.”

Jesus must be rolling over in his grave…except my translation says he’s gone.

III. Guns Don’t Shoot People…

…people do, I say, as I reflect on my recent visit to a gun shop, where I touched a gun for the first time since my sixth-grade trip to the Police Academy. But it’s just that much easier for something to go wrong when a gun is around if you’re not careful. Just ask Raymond Felton.

IV. Bad Luck

Even when Gov. Chris Christie tries to do good, it doesn’t work out. A few days ago, in anticipation of a predicted massive snowstorm, Gov. Christie declared a state of emergency in New Jersey. Unfortunately – well, fortunately for everyone else – it didn’t snow.

If there’s anyone that can relate to Christie now, it may be NBC’s Matt Lauer, who was alleged by some to have had a hand in the dismissal of Ann Curry from the Today show. Both men deny having any involvement in their respective controversies, but few people really believe them.

V. Let’s Go Tupac

Were someone to call the ’80’s, and tell them that the Philadelphia ’76ers, Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons, and Los Angeles Lakers – the four NBA teams that won championships during that decade (Lakers – 5, Celtics – 3, Sixers & Pistons – 1 apiece) – are about to be in the lottery this June, the ’80’s wouldn’t believe that at all. One example of how bad things have gotten: when fake Tupac – a fan who resembles the late/great rapper – is a big attraction at Celtic games, you know all is not well on the parquet floor.

VI. Because I’m Happy

So glad that things have worked well for Jason Collins, that he’s about to sign for the rest of the season, and that his #98 jersey was number one in sales.

VII. Memories

I’ve seen this movie before, like when Dr. J retired, and even last year as Mariano Rivera retired. Now here it is again, as Derek Jeter is approaching his final season. Why the sadness? It’s not like the Yankees won’t get another shortstop, another captain, or that they won’t have good and entertaining teams.

The sadness – at least for me – comes as a result of an association with a corresponding period in your own life. With Dr. J it was a ceremonial ending of “youth.” With Rivera and Jeter, it’s that their careers occurred during the years that my son grew up, a period that many share with similar memories. So enjoy this year (and Chicago area fans can particularly enjoy May 20-25, when the Yanks visit the Cubs for two games and the White Sox for four), and cherish your memories for a lifetime.

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