And To All, A Good Night

25 December 2013

I.  A Book In Her Stocking?

You might have just about concluded that Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart, ex-wife of former quarterback extraordinaire Kordell “Slash” Stewart, had made one of the most unbelievable statements ever when she said that there had to be an opening for the railroad at an Underground Railroad historical site. It becomes more amazing when you learn that her great-grandfather was civil rights legend Hosea Williams.  You mean to say she didn’t get any more than that over the family dinner table?

But then I read posts by one of my Twitter follows who stated that many of her students also think that the Underground Railroad was an actual railway.  Maybe a book or two in all of their stockings would be apropos.

II.  I’m Dreaming Of A White Super Bowl

So there has been discussion about the possibility of moving the date of the Super Bowl should weather be a problem in New Jersey at Met Life Stadium on February 2nd, 2014.  Didn’t commissioner Goodell and the rest of the NFL decision makers realize that New Jersey is in the Northeast – and Met Life has no dome – before they chose Met Life for the game?

Moving the date of the Super Bowl is not exactly like taking the local high school game and moving it back a couple of days.  Thousands of people will be coming into the area to see the game played on that day, and many of these people will have to return to their homes virtually immediately after the game. I would hate to be one of these people who have spent a mini-fortune to attend the Super Bowl, only to see it postponed and all of that money out the window…and all the NFL would say is “sorry.”

III.  Giving Their All

Certainly the injury issues encountered by the New York Knicks this season – and last year, for that matter – are no secret.  But it was interesting to have watched them barely eke out an overtime win against the League’s weakest team so far, the Milwaukee Bucks, in a game where if they were any better at all, the Bucks would have walked away with the win. 

What made it most interesting, in retrospect, was seeing the San Antonio Spurs – without future Hall of Famers Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili – play their system in their stars’ absence and defeat a good Golden State Warriors team.  In fact, San Antonio’s all-time record in this era in the absence of their “Big 3” is 4-9; a small sample, yes – but a better percentage than 80% of the teams currently have in the Eastern Conference. 

IV.  My Bad

Perhaps the people getting themselves dunked on with knees in the chest by LeBron James this year…most recently Ben McLemore and Paul Millsap…should consider staying out of the way – or at least make sure they show their best side for the camera. Staying out of the way would not only keep them from getting posterized, but it would also ensure them not getting called for the blocking foul they each deserved.

Meanwhile this week we have seen that LeBron can be big even when not dunking on defenders’ heads.  In the midst of Miami’s intense comeback win over the Pacers, James and Mario Chambers shared some extremely heated words during a timeout.  Later, LeBron was seen telling Chalmers “I was wrong. My bad.” When the best guy says “my bad” to a role player, that shows real leadership.

V.  Hurts So Bad

What a shame it was to see the season-ending – again – injury to Brook Lopez, as well as the injury to the just-returned Kobe Bryant, expected to be out for approximately six more weeks. That said, these injuries hit these teams in completely different ways:

Lakers –  With injuries already sidelining Steve Blake and Steve Nash, they were going to be hard pressed to get a playoff spot in the super-tough Western Conference, with or without Bryant – and if they got one, it would likely be the eighth seed, earning them a shot at either San Antonio or OKC. (No, Portland, I’m not going to immediately put you in that class yet.) They are almost better off with a good draft pick.

Nets –  This really hurts a team built to win THIS year.

VI.  Under The Tree?

Hopefully Santa Claus – Black or otherwise – will have put enough presents under the trees of those people who have begun patronizing the newly-opened and heavily-hyped online casinos legalized in New Jersey. Just in case these folks forgot to bet with their heads, and not over them…

VII.  Although It’s Been Said, Many Times, Many Ways…

Merry Christmas to you!  Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and remember the reason for the season.

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