What Were They Thinking?

23 November 2013

I.  In The Beginning

Now that I’m a deacon, I guess one would think that I would be really upset about the recent situation at Costco where Bibles were classified, in the book department, as fiction.  Actually, I’m not. Not that I’m trying to diss the Bible, but things happen, often by mistake.  A group of us worked for several years in the corporate offices of a book retailer where our job was, in part, to correct classification errors such as these.  Anyway, Costco has apologized to Fox News for the error.

Now what should happen is that Fox News should apologize to President Obama, Michelle Obama, and everyone else for continually broadcasting fiction, and classifying it as news.

II.  What Were You Thinking?

The more we hear about the violence-prone individual that is George Zimmerman, the more I am certain that those jurors on that trial have got to realize that they made a big mistake.

III.  Gonna Put It In The Want Ads

The more we hear about the newly-hired Rutgers University athletic director Julie Hermann, and the bouts she appears to have with the truth, the more I think that if you have ever harbored an ambition to be a major college Division I athletic director at a school about to join the Big Ten, you ought polish up the old resume ASAP. 

IV.  Hard Knock Life

It’s been a hard knock life for the New York Mets during the past few years, most definitely on the field and even down to the marketing department…who put together a Marlon Byrd bobble head night, only for him to have been traded to Pittsburgh by the time it came up.

But that doesn’t mean they needed to break bread with Jay Z and the agents from CAA that are representing Yankee second baseman Robinson Cano, the prime free agent of this off-season. No one can be certain if they are off of their spending moratorium set as a result, in part, of the Madoff mess, but I do know they have no intention of tossing $300 million Cano’s way over the next ten years.  If they would not move to re-sign their own premier middle infielder – Jose Reyes – for little more than a third of the $300 million allegedly sought by Jay and Co., what would make you think they would kick it out to Cano like that?

Though it would be a great signal to their fan base if they did.

V.  Rock Steady

So everyone is having a field day going off on Toronto mayor Rob Ford, but how many know about what happened down in Florida, where the Toronto snowbirds spend their winters?  Florida Republican congressman Trey Radel, who in September voted that people receiving assistance should be drug-tested, was arrested last month for cocaine possession. 

But that’s okay, as my wife pointed out, because he is not receiving assistance.

I wonder if, had that been me, I would have gotten off with the one year probation that he got. I also wonder if there is any medical correlation between alcoholism and cocaine, as he claimed in the midst of his apology. Gonna check on that…

VI.  I Left My Heart

I love San Francisco…can hardly think about a trip to California without stopping through there. And, like most everybody from the President on down, I love the way people came together to help with Batkid getting his wish.

What I didn’t care too much for was the news that while the feel good stuff was going on, the SF Police went and beat an African-American 21-year-old college student known as DJ to the point of unconsciousness. There must have been something that DJ had that piqued their curiosity to the point that they would act as they did…something other than the cupcake and juice he was taking home…which sounds so familiar.

Too bad Batkid couldn’t save him too.

VII.  Why?

One day, when I was about eighteen, my father asked me why I would wear this particular t-shirt I had on, to which I responded that I had gotten it for free.  Not that he was at all prejudiced, but he didn’t think I needed to wear something showing a busty Caucasian woman. In retrospect, his objection was probably more about the sexual connotation as opposed to any racial issue.

If only he had seen this young man that got on the subway in New York the other day with a woman that looked like she was a female relative of his, although they got off at different stops…which doesn’t mean they were not related, just going different places.  He was certainly old enough to travel by himself – which if you couldn’t tell from his size and features, you might have been able to discern from the hat he wore, which read:  I wanna Fu*$k Rihanna. And the editing was mine.

It’s really beyond dude, why would you wear that hat…in the presence of this female relative…but also, to the entrepreneur that thought it worthwhile to produce such hats, what made you think that there should be a market for something so degrading of that young lady?  

He probably thought the Bible was fiction. 

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