Boston Strong

5 November 2013

I.  Fear The Beard(s)

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on winning their third World Series out of the last ten seasons…after not winning for the previous 86 years…but who needs to bring that up now.  I suspect that had James Harden had any thoughts of getting a trim, they would have gone away last week after Game 6.

II.  Boston Mad Strong

And a special congratulations to a special player, Series MVP David Ortiz, who put on one of the greatest performances in World Series history. His play was such that had St. Louis come back to win the Series, Big Papi should have still been named MVP.  In the midst of the Series someone asked me if some New Yorkers don’t want to give Ortiz his props because he’s on the Red Sox, and the answer is a definite yes.  Big Papi is media friendly, a leader, and a larger-than-life superstar – everything New Yorkers would totally love were he hitting his Bombs in the Bronx.

III.  History Making 

David Ortiz might have been able to do better in today’s New York City mayoral election than Republican Joe Lhota, who according to all of the polling stands to get trounced by the future second Black mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio. Okay, Bill will not actually be the second Black mayor of New York, but he will be the first Democrat elected since the first Black mayor, David Dinkins – and his multicultural family looks like New York City.

On the other side of the Hudson River, Cory Booker – who at times during his tenure as mayor of Newark has also seemed larger-than-life when running into burning buildings, etc. – has become the first African-American to represent New Jersey in the Senate, and only the fourth African-American elected to the Senate since  Reconstruction.   My sense is that great things may be in the future for Sen. Booker.

IV.  Go Long

Last week the Philadelphia Eagles’ backup quarterback, Nick Foles, threw an NFL record-tying seven touchdown passes against the Oakland Raiders.  Former great Raider cornerbacks Lester Hayes and Mike Haynes would undoubtedly be turning over in their graves were they deceased; as it is, perhaps they should be hitting the gym in case they get a call before Sunday.

V.  Long Season

Two Miami losses in a row threatened to send Heat Nation into a frenzy.  Calm down, guys…it’s a long season, and Miami will be there as the end approaches – but one thing that may give you reason for concern is the fact that EVERYONE – from great teams to horrible teams, and all of those in between – has the Miami Heat game circled on their locker room calendars. The way these teams will be coming at the Heat could make it harder for them to secure the top playoff seed in the Eastern Conference – and were they to wind up with the second seed as opposed to the first,  it could pose a problem against teams like Brooklyn or Indiana.

VI.  Little Big Man

In the spring of 2004 a sixth-grader I knew quite well was asked, after making his middle school baseball team, who his favorite athlete was.  In the midst of several Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez answers among his teammates, his answer was Allen Iverson, clearly one of the biggest cultural icons in this country during the past twenty years, in addition to being one of the greatest guards in NBA history. Allen officially retired the other day, and I am only sorry that he did not have an opportunity to make his announcement at the beginning of a season in which he was an active player, and possibly then be the recipient of a Mariano Rivera-like farewell tour.  His career – which was far more than that infamous “practice” press conference – warranted that.

VII.  Going Up In Smoke

Toronto mayor Rob Ford just apologized to the citizens of his city for smoking crack, but does not intend to resign, instead saying that the next election should provide the chance for citizens to determine who should lead Toronto.  Kwame Kilpatrick has got to be turning over in his cell.

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