Out In Left Field

24 October 2013

I.  Fall Classic

With the first pitch of the second game of the World Series just hours away, let me open with my prediction that the pitching staff of the St. Louis Cardinals, along with the addition to the lineup of the previously-sidelined run producer Allen Craig, will enable the Cards to win their 12th World Series title. After last night’s 8-1 game, this may seem strange – but I had anticipated Big Papi would probably be responsible for one Red Sox win, and Pedroia  and Ellsbury another.  Still, I expect that St. Louis will be able to win in seven games.

II.  What I Wanted To See…

Perhaps due to my crossing one item off the bucket list a couple of months ago – seeing a game live at Dodger Stadium – I was hoping that the Los Angeles Dodgers would have enough Magic left in the tank to make it to the Series. The emergence of Yasiel Puig and the resurgence of the team had made them must see TV for me…and I was hoping they would face the Detroit Tigers.  Lost on both counts…at least this year…but don’t count the Dodgers out for next year.  Any team that can go 42-8 over a third of the season has got real talent in that locker room.

III.  Try, Try Again

First thing for the Dodgers, though, is to give manager Don Mattingly the extension he so richly deserves and stop twisting him in the wind.  The Yankees re-signed Joe Girardi before the ink was dry on the newspapers which reported the season was now over – and with good reason.  Girardi did a Manager of the Year-type job in keeping his injury-plagued team in the playoff hunt all season.  And in terms of that team, it may not be quite time to blow it up now; when one considers the fact that four of their five most prominent everyday players – Mark Teixeira, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson – missed virtually all or most of the season, it can be argued that if healthy, this can still be a playoff team.

IV.  The Jets Won?

Not that it’s a surprise that the New York Jets could win a game, but the type of game that they won against the New England Patriots – in which their winning field goal came after a most unusual penalty against a New England player for pushing a teammate into a Jet player.  These are the type of games the Jets usually wind up losing…and the Patriots are the team the Jets usually wind up losing to.

The play in question may wind up being known as “butt penalty,” following on the heels of last season’s Mark Sanchez “butt fumble” and this summer’s “butt tag” by the Reds’ Brandon Phillips.  If you haven’t seen all of these, YouTube them, especially the hilarious butt tag by Phillips, who is – according to some accounts – a possible trading chip by Cincinnati management. Really?  If so, there’s a team housed in Queens, NY that could really use the best defensive second baseman in the game – if they can afford him.

V.  Way Out

Last week I was so happy that the idiotic government shutdown was over and overwhelmingly attributed to the Republicans – and rightly so – that I decided to turn to Fox News, thinking that perhaps the truth would have finally invaded their studios. 

Unfortunately, it had not. One tea party evening show host was so delusional that it left him further out in left field than the left fielder in Fenway Park in front of the Green Monster.

VI.  Could It Be Magic?

While you’re up on YouTube, check out the crazy goal scored by Tomas Hertl of the San Jose Sharks against the New York Rangers.  Not only was it his fourth goal of that game, it was Magic/Nash-like. Made me a fan of the young guy…

VII.  Not Too Magical…

Memo to CeeLo: Loved your “Mary, Did You Know,” but spiking the girl’s drinks at the club…if that is what happened…not so much. 

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