1 June 2013

I.  Long Live The ABA

If you are not watching the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, you are missing a truly great series, as two great teams – each with matchup advantages against the other – have traded wins over the first 5 games.  That said, Miami’s game 5 win, putting them up 3-2, places my question in a much less likely position to be asked…but nonetheless, here it is:

If the Pacers win tonight to tie the series and ultimately go on to meet the Spurs in the Finals, should they use the red, white and blue ball?

II.  Foul Play

LeBron James committed 5 fouls in Game 1, and fouled out in Game 4…which may make one wonder how it was that he committed 11 fouls over those two games, yet played 254 minutes in December over 6 games without committing one?

III.  Hot In Cleveland

Betty White and company would not be the only ones that are Hot In Cleveland if the rumors that LeBron’s people have been on the down low floating the possibility of King James returning to finish up his career in Cleveland are true. And if D-Wade cannot be D-Wade long-term (which makes the rest of the roster, as Reggie Miller stated, look like the old Cavaliers), does James have any reason not to consider a return to his hometown Cavs…that is, besides the nasty comments shared back and forth after The Decision?

IV.  Fly, Robin, Fly

If someone had told you, prior to this series, that after five games the Heat would be up three games to two, you would have believed them. Had they then told you that the main individual responsible for their holding the lead was not James, nor Wade, nor Bosh, nor Ray Allen, but Chris “Birdman” Anderson, you might have called the psychiatric authorities.

V.  Retirement Age?

I know the San Antonio Spurs played the Lakers without Kobe, the Golden State Warriors without David Lee, and in a sense, the Memphis Grizzlies without Rudy Gay…but they’re looking really good.

VI.  Amazin!

While the Mets were sweeping the Subway Series from the Yankees…for the first time ever in 18 years, the pitching matchup featuring Matt Harvey fell on a Heat-Pacers night, so I didn’t see it…even though I encouraged folks to do so.  But check the young fella out…despite the improbable sweep, he may be the brightest light at Citi Field after the all-star festivities. 

VII.  Good Riddance

Michele Bachmann is not seeking reelection…which may be the best news of all this week!  One tea party person down, a bunch to go.

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