Sports Quiz, or History, Pt. 1

3 November 2012

I know you guys need a break from all of the political commercials and chatter…well, I don’t, but a lot of people do.  So with that in mind, here’s a little African-American Sports Quiz for you.  Give yourself three 3-pointers and a free throw (10 points) for each you get right, but take away a basket (2 points) for each of them that you brick!  

1. Who was the first Black player to take the ice in the National Hockey League?

a) Willie O’Ree 
b) Willie McCovey 
c) Bobby Orr 
d) Grant Fuhr 
e) Willy Wonka

2. Who was the ’60’s Denver Broncos quarterback that was quickly moved—as was the custom with African-Americans of that era—to wide receiver, where he then enjoyed a fine career?

a) Floyd Little 
b) John Elway 
c) Ralph Simpson 
d) Marlin Briscoe 
e) Warren Wells

3. Which individual has never held the World Heavyweight Championship, in one organizational alphabet soup form or another, during his boxing career?

a) Jimmy Ellis 
b) Rocky Johnson
c) Cassius Clay 
d) Smokin’ Joe Frazier
e) Floyd Patterson

4. What NBA player holds the record for the second-highest scoring game of all time (behind Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points)?

a) George Gervin 
b) Bernard King 
c) David Thompson 
d) Elgin Baylor 
e) Michael Jordan
f) Kobe Bryant

5. What playground superstar pinned Wilt Chamberlain’s fadeaway jumper on the backboard at Harlem’s Rucker Tournament?

a) Jackie Jackson 
b) Herman “Helicopter” Knowings
c) Joe Hammond 
d) Earl “The Pearl” Monroe 
e) Earl Manigault

6. Which individual was a cycling champion?

a) Kadeem Hardison 
b) Smokey Robinson
c) Jersey Joe Walcott 
d) Bob Hayes 
e) Major Taylor

7. What Negro League legend is the only person to hit a fair ball out of Yankee Stadium?

a) Satchel Paige
b) Monte Irvin 
c) Ray Dandridge 
d) Cool Papa Bell 
e) Josh Gibson

8. Who holds the Major League Baseball single-season stolen base record?

a) Maury Wills 
b) Rickey Henderson 
c) Lou Brock
d) Vince Coleman
e) Tim Raines

9. Whose challenge of baseball’s “reserve clause” ultimately led to the creation of true free agency and market-driven salaries?

a) Hank Aaron 
b) Dick Allen 
c) Curt Flood
d) Vada Pinson 
e) Roy Camapanella

10. Who won Olympic gold in 1972?

a) Ray Seales 
b) Ray Leonard
c) Ray Williams
d) Ray Robinson 
e) Ray J

11. For which team did Julius “Dr. J.” Erving not play?

a) New York Nets 
b) Virginia Squires
c) Atlanta Hawks
d) Philadelphia 76ers 
e) He played for them all

12. The quarterback who dueled for the Steelers’ starting job with Terry Bradshaw was “Jefferson Street”_________

a) Joe Namath 
b) James Harris
c) Doug Williams
d) Joe Gilliam 
e) Warren Moon

13. Who was the first Black hoopster at Duke University?

a) Johnny Dawkins 
b) Ralph Sampson
c) Gene Banks 
d) Phil Ford 
e) Cedric Maxwell

14. Who did staunch non-integrationist Adolph Rupp acknowledge as the greatest player he’d ever seen?

a) Oscar Robertson
b) Julius Erving 
c) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
d) Michael Jordan 
e) Walt Frazier



1. a
2. d
3. b (Rocky Johnson was a wrestler and father of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.)
4. f (when this first appeared on, the answer was c)
5. a 
6. e 
7. e 
8. b 
9. c 
10. a 
11. e 
12. d 
13. c 
14. b

90 and above—You’re on point! 
Under 90—Try again next time…

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